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Is Yohan In The U.S. With Daniele?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Yohan Geronimo is interested in coming to the U.S. with his wife, Daniele Gates. Yohan, 33, from La Romana, used to work as a dance instructor and fitness trainer in the Dominican Republic while New York-based Daniele, 42, was vacationing there. The couple crossed paths and within five months of meeting, married each other on 90 Day: Love In Paradise. Daniele shocked Yohan by declaring she was going to relocate to the DR, instead of applying for his spousal visa. Yohan was disappointed since he dreamed of making money by working in New York City.

Yohan lost both his jobs after he married Daniele. He relied on her for money since she managed to take her yoga business online since moving out of NYC. Daniele and Yohan also want a baby, but due to her age, it’s difficult for Daniele to conceive naturally. Meanwhile, Yohan thinks it’s right for him to start a life from scratch in the U.S. now that he has no means to earn money in the DR. Daniele and Yohan visited an immigration lawyer to talk about the different options for a visa so Yohan could come to NYC.

Daniele Wants The Dominican Republic To Be Their Home Base

Daniele and Yohan from 90 Day Fiance The Other Way montage

Daniele wanted to travel to the U.S. and get Yohan with her. “The goal is that we are able to live here and travel to the U.S. when we want to. That’s the goal for me, he might have a different goal,” Daniele laughed. She admitted it made more sense for her to apply for a tourist visa because applying for a green card would require an “unbelievable amount of commitment and trust” from both. She didn’t feel like they were “100 percent” with each other. She felt it wasn’t right for Yohan to commit to living somewhere he never visited since he had never traveled to the States before.

Yohan Wants To Apply For A Green Card

 Daniele and Yohan from 90 Day Fiance

Yohan was happy that he was going to see the lawyer so he could start his visa process. He wished they could have done it right after they got married so he could have his papers. When Yohan asked the lawyer about his wanting a green card, they told him that he had to apply for an immigration visa so Yohan could relocate and live in the United States. Yohan was told the travel visa wouldn’t allow him to work in the U.S. The path wouldn’t be easy as it would involve a lot of processes and meetings. “The tourist visa is not enough,” Yohan admitted, calling Daniele selfish.

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Yohan Addressed Rumors About Him Moving To America

Yohan didn’t have anything in his own country. The visa that he wanted was the one that he believed “a man with an American wife should have.” On September 6, Yohan surprised his Instagram followers by posting a selfie from a tall building. He didn’t caption the post, but the urban background made fans wonder if he’d moved to NYC with Daniele. “You finally made it to NY,” a fan posted in the comments. Yohan told them that he was still in “Republica Dominicana.” Yohan has not come to the U.S. yet, and given their differences, it won’t be hard to believe that they’ve already split.

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