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Is Riley Actually The Father Of Violet’s Child?

90 Day Fiance stars Violet and Riley have had a turbulent relationship since the beginning. They often used insults and mockery as a way to express their feelings for each other. The couple faced more difficult times than good when he moved to Vietnam to give their relationship a real chance.

The previous episode featured their goodbyes, that hinted towards the end of their relationship. But the new episode hit differently. This is because Riley revealed to his friend that Violet claims to be pregnant with his child. Here is more about it!
90 Day Fiance: Riley Doubts Violet’s Pregnancy Claim!

Riley never completely trusted Violet. Even when he traveled 8,000 miles to be with her in Vietnam, he hired an investigator to look into her past. Violet, also looked disinterested in him on various occasions. Riley returned home after bidding an awkward goodbye in last week’s episode. But he looked confused in the latest one.

He shared that he received various nasty messages from Violet stating that their relationship was over. riley seemed fine with it considering their rocky relationship. But was confused when she quickly apologized and wanted to sort things out. The military veteran then questioned Violet’s intentions during a confessional.

90 day Fiance
TLC: Riley & Violet

Moreover, Riley confessed that he still loves her but doubts if their relationship is ‘fixable.’ A few weeks later he shared with producers that Violet texted him claiming that she was pregnant with his baby. During a conversation with his friend, Tiffanie, he shared that on their last night in Vietnam, he had unprotected sex with Violet.

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Riley added that his medicines leave even less than a one percent chance of getting someone pregnant. The 90 Day Fiance star then expressed he has doubts because Violet had lied to him earlier. Riley even doubts it considering the side effects of his medication.

He also wondered if she was not lying and whether he is actually the father. Moreover, Riley exclaimed that all he wanted was a DNA test to prove his paternity, considering their rocky relationship. He even assured to turn every stone if it was his child.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Agree With Riley For Once!

Even 90 Day Fiance fans did not seem convinced by Violet’s claim. Many of them rushed to Reddit to convey their curiosity if Riley is the dad. The OP kicked off by asking if other Redditors believe that Violet is pregnant. They continued expressing that it made no sense to them.

This was followed by recalling that she said they could not share a room before their marriage, during the earlier episodes. Another fan guessed that they might have snuck off together.

90 Day Fiance

Peopel also questioned if their intimate scenes were edited out. While others questioned if she was lying about her pregnancy to get that extra cash flowing. There were also guesses that she might have bought a puppy. All these are mere speculation and can only be confirmed as the story proceeds. What do you think of Violet’s pregnancy? Sound off in the comment section below

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