Is Kody’s Spicy Love Life With Robyn The Reason He Ruined The Brown Family?

Sister Wives' Kody Brown kissed his then-fiancee Robyn Brown while Christine Brown was in labor. He couldn't keep his hands off Robyn.

  •  Kody Brown’s strong bond with Robyn Brown may be due to their intense sexual chemistry.
  •  Robyn’s ultra-feminine vibe may have made her the most desirable wife.
  •  Kody’s infatuation with Robyn led him to break plural marriage rules. He kissed her while his wife Christine Brown was in labor.

Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Robyn Brown are still together, and sex may be the reason why their bond’s like steel. Since Kody’s known for rejecting Janelle, Christine and Meri Brown’s advances, it’s likely that Robyn’s delivering the kind of steamy and sizzling passion that he wants. He even alluded to their electric chemistry in the current season, by stating that he’d make an effort to hide their “romantic tension” from Meri.

While that Sister Wives season 18 comment was so cringe, it underscored the fact that Kody’s still totally in love with Robyn. Does she provide the kind of pleasure that he just couldn’t get from his other wives? That isn’t impossible, and Kody and Robyn’s intimate antics may be the key to unlocking the family’s uneven and disturbing dynamic. When Robyn entered the fray, Kody transformed, lighting up and getting giddy. He even kissed Robyn while Christine was in labor! Kody couldn’t keep his hands off his love interest, even though they hadn’t tied the knot yet.

Did The Other Wives Feel The Heat?

Kody and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives with serious expressions

It’s possible that Meri, Janelle and Christine couldn’t compete with Robyn’s sexual firepower. She’s not the typical brazen seductress, but Kody doesn’t seem like he’d be attracted to that type. Robyn’s ultra-feminine, emotional, and delicate. She has a very different look than the others, with dark hair, fair skin… kind of Sister Wives meets Snow White. Maybe Robyn’s actually more like Maleficent, as she definitely isn’t so innocent.

Meanwhile, the other women are all some shade of blonde or “bronde,” with tanned skin. So, there are three wives that fit one type, and then there’s a Disney villainess that pretends to be a demure and harmless princess. In this analogy, Kody’s Prince Charming, but there are probably more charming princes out there. One hopes.

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In France, people talk about “the woman of my life” or “the man of my life.” Robyn’s “the woman of Kody’s life.” Maybe he wasn’t really that attracted to blondes in the first place. Some men prefer brunettes – there’s nothing wrong with having a type, and it may not even be a choice. Attraction is something that just happens. Kody’s blonde himself, so perhaps he likes it that Robyn’s coloring’s so different from his own. For whatever reason, he was responding to wife number four in a way that no one could ignore, even before they formally married.

At first, the union was spiritual, but the wedding was major. Kody pulled out all the stops for his bride. She did look stunning in her fitted bridal gown. Christine went berserk when Kody helped her to pick out that now-iconic gown. She was so jealous. Christine never got that kind of VIP treatment, neither did the other two. Was physical desire driving Kody to break plural marriage rules? It’s safe to say that he was really looking forward to his wedding night.

Anyone who clicks on the video shown below will see how Kody gazes adoringly into Robyn’s eyes during their wedding dance. He’s obviously crazy in love. It would be adorable if it wasn’t for the fact that it hurt three other women so much. Just freeze the video at 0:09 to get the general idea.

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