Is Hunter Still Hanging Out With Kody & Robyn After Janelle’s Split?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown doesn’t share a great relationship with most of his adult kids. There have been several instances when he has butted heads with them and soured his bond. Apparently, as star kids started to grow, they slammed their father for the partial behavior and called him out for the same.

Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they saw Hunter hanging out with Kody and Robyn after his mother, Janelle, had already parted ways with the patriarch. Did he mend fences with his father? What is Hunter up to these days now?

Sister Wives: Why Is Hunter Hanging Out With Kody? What Is He Up To?

Kody Brown had a chaotic split with Janelle. Before parting ways, they had numerous clashes and vigorous arguments. Since then, the Sister Wives matriarch has been spending time with her kids and grandkids. However, it is rare for the viewers to watch Kody mingling and spending time with his kids these days.

That is the reason why they were surprised to spot a clue of Hunter’s presence at the patriarch’s house. Recently, a picture surfaced on the internet which featured Kody’s house and his backyard. A fan clicked it during their recent trip to Flagstaff.

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The photographer revealed that Hunter’s grey car was parked in front of Kody and Robyn’s house. Not only this, but he also saw him in the circular driveway and predicted that one of his sisters was along with him. The OP further wondered that perhaps the star kid was taking his sister to school.

However, it was a surprise for the viewers that Hunter was actually hanging out with Kody and Robyn. It seems that the former still has a civil relationship with the couple, as he wasn’t even a part of the Covid-19 drama phase. So, there is a fair chance that Kody still tends to welcome Hunter in his house, and perhaps the latter also often visits him.

Sister Wives: How Is Kody’s Relationship With His Other Kids?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is really possessive when it comes to her kids. Hence, she never bears anyone mistreating them at all. The celeb even chose her children over Kody when she had to. Amid all this, it is evident that the patriarch still shares a great bond with his daughter, Savannah.

He even decided to attend her graduation ceremony and posed with her for pictures as well. But the case isn’t the same when it comes to Gabe and Garrison. Apparently, it seems that the hot air between them has been prevailing since the Covid drama, and things are stable till now.

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Recently, a source revealed that Gabe and Garrison aren’t “stepping down” while Kody is still very “hurt.” They now choose to let things be and are wholly supporting their Janelle. The reports further say that the latter’s sons “hate” Kody’s only wife and want her “out of their lives for good.”

Gabe and Garrison have already “painted” Robyn as the “biggest villain” and are fine with her absence in their lives. Hence, it is evident that they are no longer in the good books of their father and vice-versa.

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