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How Do Brandan & Mary Survive In Philippines? Do They Have Jobs?

Soon after their debut, Brandan and Mary quickly bagged the label of the most childish couples of the show. 90 Day Fiance fans were annoyed by their over-obsessive and over-possessive attitude towards each other. Brandan left America to be with his long-distance partner in the Philippines. They faced numerous issues with the latter’s visit to Mary’s native land.

However, Brandan also invested all his money in their dream home. Now it appears that Mary’s love has little cash left with him during his trip. They have started clashing over money needs and fans are curious to know how they are making money. Learn how!90 Day Fiance: What Are The Real Sources of Income Of Brandan & Mary In The Philippines?

Brandan DeNuccio has been in the Philippines for a long time. He left his homeland to meet Mary in person before tying the knot. However, their financial troubles started arising after the previous episode According to monstersandcritics, Mary started crying when DeNuccio suggested his partner get a loan from her grandfather. Now the 90 Day Fiance celeb is struggling with only 300 dollars in his pocket.

Both of them are not working currently and they need money to survive in the Philippines. Now it seems that they have found some sources of money as well. Seemingly, Brandan and Mary have a joint TikTok account to earn money from fans. Currently, they have 56,000 followers on the platform and charge money for personalized messages from them.

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Moreover, they are charging $30 for direct messages and text conversations. Also, Brandan and Mary have set higher prices for personalized video calls and phone calls from the pair. The TLC couple explained that they would be charging $50 for anyone who wished to talk with them. Also, they noted, “This product is a great fit if you wish to send someone a happy birthday phone/video call from me. Have a real-time conversation with me.”

Brandan and Mary’s profile includes at least 20 personalized videos in August apart from the paid text conversations. Further, the pair also accepts money from fans who want to offer support to them.

90 Day Fiance: Brandan & Mary Confirms Wedding Rumors With A New Video!

Brandan and Mary caught the viewer’s attention with their toxic storyline. They annoyed the 90 Day Fiance fans with the constant fights and series of breakups. Fans have been skeptical about their future and thought they will soon split. Rumors have been swirling that the couple already exchanged vows.

Recently, Mary and Brandan uploaded a video of lip-syncing on a popular song. The two were sitting on a bedside while they sang Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me”. However, fans spotted rings on both of their ring fingers on the right hand. Although engagement rings are supposed to be worn on the left hand, some regions also believe them to be worn on the right hand.

90 Day Fiance
TLC: Brandan and Mary

Hence, fans started speculating that they were confirming the rumors. Also, DeNuccio’s mother shared several pictures of their reception on Facebook. However, they have deleted the post now.

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