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Sister Wives star Kody Brown saw a dream of living with his four wives on Coyote Pass. He wanted to build houses on the family property. But all his hopes were shattered when Christine, Janelle, and Meri ended up walking out from their polygamous marriage.

Yet, it seems that Janelle is still determined to build on Coyote Pass and live on the property. Recently, she shared her future plans and even revealed how she is keeping a fence to keep Kody away from her! What is the matriarch doing now? What is she up to?

Sister Wives: Janelle Is Planning To Build On Coyote Pass Without Kody’s Involvement!

Janelle Brown has sacrificed a lot just for her dream of building her dream house on Coyote Pass property. She even started to live in an RV so that she could save more for the construction. However, the dynamics changed completely when she decided to part ways with Kody Brown on Sister Wives.

But it seems that Janelle isn’t ready to give up on her dream of building her house on Coyote Pass property. But this time, it’s without Kody! The celeb wondered why the latter always denoted it as “we” when it comes to the building process. Janelle was quick to reveal that she was the one who was “financing” the entire thing.

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Janelle added, “And the reality is, I don’t know if Kody will ever get his poop in a group and build out there.” Yet if he ends up building his house near her home, she has a solution for that as well. The Sister Wives star explained that there is a thing called a “really good high fence,” which she can use.

Janelle decided that if Kody chose to build near her, she would get a high fence so that she wouldn’t have to “interact” with the latter and his wife, Robyn. Hence, it is evident that Janelle is in no mood to tolerate the infamous couple around her anymore but wouldn’t give up on her dream house as well.

Sister Wives: Will Kody & Robyn Ever Build On Coyote Pass Property?

Sister Wives stars weren’t able to build on the Coyote Pass property because it wasn’t initially paid off. But in the last few months, the Browns have finally managed to get the land under their name and clear all the dues. Hence, now they can easily start the construction and build their dream house.

But as per the current scenario, Coyote Pass is still barren! No one, including Kody and Robyn, has started to build on it. Now, it even seems that they have perhaps dropped their plans to do the same. Recently, a source revealed that there are “no talks” among Kody and Robyn on this topic now.

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So, Kody and Robyn aren’t planning to build on Coyote “at least for now,” as they think that it is really “expensive” to do so. Hence, they had to come to an agreement on what their plans were! Moreover, Meri is already in Utah, and the source confirmed that she has no plans to live near her estranged husband.

Now, it seems that Kody, Robyn, and Janelle are the only ones who would think of building on the Coyote Pass property and living there. What do you think? Do let us know in the comments.

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