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90 Day Fiance: Angela & Michael Are Enjoying Their Life In Nigeria

90 Day Fiance stars Angela Deem and Michael worked on their marriage and made it functional again during their Last Resort appearance. They had a long list of issues that viewers felt wouldn’t make their bond last. However, it seems that these two remained determined to live together and make their relationship work.

Lately, Angela Deem has been spending some quality time with her husband, Michael, and has been posting pictures on social media. Is she in Nigeria?

90 Day Fiance: Are Angela & Michael Living In Nigeria These Days?

Angela and Michael’s main issue was their distance. The latter is a Nigerian native who is trying his best to get to America. Hence, the couple has been doing everything under the sun to get his K-1 visa approved. However, due to some technicalities, they still have to go with their long-distance marriage, as evident on their social media and 90 Day Fiance episodes.

But it seems that after The Last Resort, Angela wasn’t able to control herself. So, she decided to pack her bags and landed in Nigeria to meet her husband. Since then, the couple has been together and often posts pictures on social media as well. This made the viewers wonder if Deem was still in Nigeria or if she had returned to America.

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Apparently, as per Angela’s recent TikTok, it seems that she is still in Nigeria. Recently, she went live with Michael and had a fun session with her viewers. The couple appeared to be in Michael’s house, dressed in casual clothes. Deem sported a blue top with her all-time favorite pair of necklaces. Angela further tied her blonde hair back while she stood close to the camera with her glasses on.

Michael was spotted at the back while he was trying to sneak in. It was evident that he was really enjoying his wife’s trip and seemed to be happy. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes as, after a long time, these two were going on without creating any controversies and indulging in violence. It is possible that they must be shooting for another edition of Happily Ever After together.

90 Day Fiance: Will Angela Live In Nigeria Permanently?

Angela Deem recently opened up about the status of Michael’s K1 visa. She revealed that it was still under process, and she wasn’t even getting why it was taking such a long time. The celeb admitted that it had been years now, and she put a lot of her money into the same. Hence, she wasn’t planning to give up easily now.


Angela feels that bringing Michael to America is the only option for her because she isn’t ready to uproot her life in the USA. She explained that all her kids and grandkids are also in the States, and she wouldn’t ever be able to leave them and go. Moreover, the celeb is habitual of her lifestyle and wouldn’t be able to adjust to the Nigerian dynamics as well.

So, for now, Angela isn’t losing hope. But it seems that her battle hasn’t been an easy one. Several sources have confirmed that the US government is on ‘high alert’ when they receive applications from Nigeria. This is because the noted area is known for fraud. Hence, Deem would have to face a lot of issues in order to bring Michael to America.

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