90 Day Fiance

‘Holy Reign of Terror’ as Angela Weaponizes Divorce Papers

Asuelu Pulaa and Kalani Faagata may have had a major breakthrough on Sunday night when the husband did a nude striptease dance for her — and the rest of their costars

While going through the motions of beachside therapy, some of the pairs were making amends and others were drifting apart more than ever. This week’s episode showed the couples having poolside happy hour that became decidedly unhappy when one couple’s biggest fears spiraled into a potentially relationship-ending argument.

Meanwhile, one broken marriage seemed salvageable thanks to a hilarious striptease. Read on to find out where the dysfunctional duos stood after the latest installment.

Molly and Kelly 

90 Day Fiance
Kalani (L) speaks to Molly about her unhappiness caused by her relationship with Kelly on 90 Day: The Last Resort.TLC

Last week, Molly Hopkins admitted she wasn’t “in love with” Kelly Brown anymore — and she assumed he felt the same way. The fracture in their relationship grew wider as Kelly and Molly refused to talk or make up until they were poolside with the rest of the couples.

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The evening stated with an assumption that everyone was on team Kelly. “I feel like a fool,” he said, while he claimed Molly told him she didn’t love him (Molly has maintained she has love for Kelly, but is no longer “in love” with him.) Things changed later in the evening when Molly detailed what had caused them to drift.

“The Kelly that I met is not the Kelly that I got when he moved to Georgia,” she told the women. Molly detailed her recent hysterectomy and her disappointment that Kelly did not take care of her, get her flowers, or a card. She said her boyfriend made her feel that her recovery experience feel like just another day and claimed Kelly had contributed nothing to her or her children’s finances ever since he moved in with them.

“I don’t appreciate Kelly trying to paint me as this terrible person or holy reign of terror,” she said in an interview. “Put yourself out there, brother. You act like you haven’t done anything when you know good and well what you’ve done.”

The episode ended with no hint of reconciliation as both Molly and Kelly questioned whether their relationship was worth fixing.

Angela and Michael 

90 Day Fiance
Angela participates in a 90 Day: The Last Resort therapy session.TLC

A therapy session with Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi led to major breakthroughs in their marriage. It started when Angela met with their therapist alone to talk about the divorce papers in her bag. The therapist asked if she was willing to “put those divorce papers aside so that you can give the retreat the best opportunity without having that threat hanging over him.”

Angela wasn’t quite ready, admitting, “Honestly I need to think about that … I’m at the point where I’m done.” Still, Michael had no idea she’d drafted the documents in the first place.

Once Michael jumped into the session virtually, the long-distance loves addressed their main source of tension: Michael’s cheating. “I know I’ve faulted her, I’ve wronged her, but yet she still [finds] a place in her heart to forgive me and still be with me,” he said. “Baby, I love you so much, you know that. And I’m sorry for everything.”

For Angela, this was the most sincere her husband had ever been. He acknowledged that shortly after Angela learned of the infidelity, his mother died. Angela put her anger aside and traveled to Nigeria to comfort him. This won back Michael’s love and spurred his desire to do right by her.

“Last year I just felt like he was using me, really, ’cause I never thought he would do what he did,” Angela cried. “I just thought he was opportunist. I believe him now, I just needed to hear it from his heart.”

They ended the session with a promise: “No more secrets.”

Kalani and Asuelu 

90 Day Fiance
Asuelu puts on a show for his wife, Kalani, and the other 90 Day: The Last Resort stars.TLC

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa have been co-parenting, but that’s about it. Though they’ve tried their best in therapy, Kalani has had a hard time overcoming Asuelu’s cheating past — and has been hung up on her sexual encounter with her “hall pass,” whom she called a better lover than her husband has ever been.

But the spouses had smiles on their faces — maybe for the first time — while drinking poolside with their 90 Day pals. Asuelu took an opportunity to give his wife a lap dance and even stripped nude from the waist down in front of all of his TLC costars, with only a towel covering his manhood.

Kalani laughed and blushed as the rest of the crowd cheered. The grand, ahem, climax to Asuelu’s performance happened as he nearly caught his towel on fire while straddling a fire pit.

Though Kalani and Asuelu were still working on finding their way back to physical intimacy, their costars thought that night might reignite the passion between them.

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