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Here’s What To Expect From Tammy & Amy In The Upcoming Season!

Tammy and Amy Slaton’s life has left a huge impact on many others in the world. The latter weighed around 600 Lbs, and Amy was 400 Lbs when they joined the show. However, they have come far in their journeys. Fans of the 1000 Lb Sisters have been waiting for their return on the show. They appeared on the screens previously during Tammy and Caleb’s wedding. Fans were excited to see the happy married life of the TLC star. Sadly, their marriage ended within five months, and they became estranged. Now, fans have been guessing about the expected storyline of the new season. Previously, Tammy revealed that there will be a Part 2 for Season 4. So what can fans expect from the show?

1000 Lb Sisters: Here’s What To Expect From Tammy & Amy In The Upcoming Season!

1000 Lb Sisters has grabbed a lot of attention with the lives of the Slaton sisters. Recently, Tammy revealed that TLC will be coming up with a second part of Season 4. She explained how her wedding was a two-part thing and that they needed to divide it. Also, the reality TV celeb confirmed recently that they have wrapped up the show. Now, fans are waiting to see what they can expect in the upcoming season.

Tammy’s life took a big turn recently after her wedding to Caleb in November last year. She parted ways with her husband within five months of marriage. Also, Tammy hosted a special memorial service for her husband. The entire cast and TLC crew members were present at the occasion. Also, the reality TV celeb was spotted weeping while cameras surrounded her from everywhere.

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Reportedly, Tammy also slammed the network for misusing her husband’s death by making it look more depressing. She accused TLC of forcing drama during her husband’s death. Hence, it is still not clear if the segment will be featured. Also, Tammy has shown incredible weight loss in the past few months despite grieving for Caleb. Further, the 1000 Lb Sisters family also went for a Florida gateway and experienced a family brawl. She also spilled a lot about her dating life, and it can become part of the show. So, fans will have to wait for the premiere to see how the castmates’ lives will unfold.

1000 Lb Sisters: Will TLC Cancel The Show After Season 4?

Tammy and Amy are keeping many things under wraps before the premiere of Season 4 Part 2. However, fans are more curious to know if the network will continue filming after the upcoming season. Recently, Tammy revealed her plans with 1000 Lb Sisters fans. She wants to turn into a model for inspiring plus-size women. Hence, fans are guessing how long would TLC continue the show if Tammy wants a career shift.

1000 Lb Sisters

Well, the previous record of the network suggests a rare chance of them canceling 1000 Lb Sisters. TLC has hardly canceled a show that has been such a hit in such a short span. Hence, they would cancel it only after a solid reason. Even if Tammy doesn’t appear in the new seasons, the rest of her family will.

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