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Health Issue Strikes Amanda Halterman & Her Family, Seeks Prayers!

Amanda Halterman is one such side castmate on 1000 Lb Sisters that everyone loves. At first, she was just a recurring star in the show, with Amy and Tammy in the lead. But things changed in the previous season, and fans got to see Amanda a whole lot more and loved her energy and humorous statements. Well, since then, they began rooting for her and even suggested TLC give her a spin-off of her own. But it looks like Amanda has been in a whole lot of turmoil lately. She even made a concerning post about it on her social media. So, what was she talking about?

1000 Lb Sisters: Amanda’s Family Struck With COVID-19, Asks For Prayers

This year, TLC fans got to see 1000 Lb Sisters Season 4. It was indeed refreshing. That’s because Amy welcomed parenthood, and Tammy finally got her bariatric surgery after many seasons of struggling. At the same time, viewers got to see more people from the Slaton family, like Chris, Amanda, and Misty. All of them are siblings. Out of them, viewers liked Amanda the most for her fun-loving and sassy attitude. They admired her so much that they even urged TLC to bring her and Chris back for a spin-off of their own.

But lately, things haven’t been looking up for Amanda Halterman. That’s because she made a devastating post on her social media. It mentioned how her entire family caught COVID-19. With this, she also included a picture of her test result, followed by a selfie. Amanda’s condition was apparent as her face was red, patchy, and swollen. Hence, the 1000 Lb Sisters castmate asked fans to pray for her. Many fans took to the comments section to wish her and her family the utmost strength and healing during such a time.

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A fan also informed all others in the comments section that Coronavirus was spreading in school once again. For the unversed, Amanda Halterman works as a bus driver in one of the public schools of Kentucky. Hence, she could have been an easy target because of it.

1000 Lb Sisters: Amanda Halterman Almost Had A Heart Attack?

Amanda Halterman has become quite active on her social media handle, more than usual. It happened after she received a lot of appreciation and love for 1000 Lb Sisters. However, one of her posts from July was quite concerning yet again. She uploaded a video on her TikTok handle. At first, she sounded scared and was heard asking someone to “leave” very aggressively. At the same time, she also asked another person not to leave. Apparently, Amanda almost suffered a heart attack

after a scary encounter with an uninvited visitor.


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Soon, Amanda revealed that there was a big black snake along the grass in front of her. That’s when she talked about her sister and her almost having a heart attack after seeing the poisonous creature. At last, the celeb said that they need to “keep eyes” on it. As Aamanda provided no further scary updates, fans understood the Slatons must have taken care of the problem with ease. But as of now, fans remain concerned for her health owing to COVID-19. Keep track of all the latest 1000 Lb Sisters updates by checking TV Season & Spoilers.

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