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Gino reveals the real reason he proposed to Jasmine

90 Day Fiance stars Gino and Jasmine had several arguments when it comes to having a ‘prenup and will.” It was evident that both of them were having trust issues because of their never-ending problems and a long list of breakups. Hence, the couple was clearly doubtful of each other’s intentions and hesitated to give such long-term commitments.

Amid all this, Shaun Robison finally decided to confront Gino about why he only asked Jasmine for a prenup and not his ex-wife! What did the latter reveal? Is he still skeptical about Pineda’s intentions?

90 Day Fiance: Gino Explains Why He Didn’t Ask His Ex-Wife For A Prenup

Gino was determined to get a prenup for himself. He has been helping Jasmine financially all throughout his relationship. Hence, the 90 Day Fiance celeb wanted to “protect” himself before anything bad happened.

In an episode, Gino’s family also showed concern regarding Jasmine’s intentions and asked him to bring the topic of ‘prenup’ to the table and secure his safety right away. However, it was evident that Pineda didn’t like this idea well and almost ended her relationship because of the same.

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Amid all this, viewers were in shock to know that Gino never asked his ex-wife to get a ‘prenup’ before walking down the aisle but was determined to get one with Jasmine!

90 Day Fiance

The Tell All host, Shaun Robinson, was quick to confront the same with Gino and made him spill the tea. The latter explained that his ex-wife was actually “working.” He further added that Jasmine had her own “retirement account” that had some good “investments” in it. So, perhaps he never felt the need to do so.

On the other hand, Gino clarified that he doesn’t believe that something will happen to his relationship with Jasmine in the future. But keeping in mind all the dynamics, he feels that there is a “small chance” that something could happen. Hence, the American native declared in an exclusive clip by ET, “I have to protect myself.”

90 Day Fiance: Gino Reveals Why He Didn’t Get A WILL Even And Went Against Jasmine’s Wish

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine wanted to get a “will” with Gino. She wanted him to put something under her name so that he could take care of her even after his death. This was a shock for the entire fanbase and the American native as well.

The latter couldn’t believe how his fiance was manifesting his death even before they had walked down the aisle. Amid all this, Shaun Robinson further decided to bring this matter back and let Gino explain why he wasn’t comfortable in getting a will in favor of Jasmine.

90 Day Fiance

Gino admits that even the mere idea of will “scares” him to the core. He wonders if he is going to get “murdered” because, for now, he hasn’t even exchanged vows with Jasmine! On the other hand, Jasmine revealed that she still hasn’t met her future in-laws.

So, she still has her “doubts” and “hesitation” while Gino tries to explain that his family is also hers! The celeb also claimed that this was really “scary” for her and was on the verge of crying while explaining her viewpoint. Hence, watching if Jasmine’s issues would go away after meeting Gino’s family would be interesting.

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