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Get To Know Hannah Rubio, The 90 Day Fiancé Kid Fans Can’t Get Enough Of

“90 Day Fiancé’s” Armando Rubio and Kenneth “Kenny” Niedermeier are one of the most popular couples to have starred in the hit reality series, and for good reason. The duo made history when they appeared on Season 2 of “90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,” as they were the show’s very first same-sex male couple (per E! News). Fans rallied behind Armando and Kenny as they struggled to obtain their marriage license in Mexico and tried to get Armando’s family to understand their love. While it seemed like the world was against them, there was one person who had Armando and Kenny’s back from day one.

Hannah Rubio, Armando’s daughter, won the hearts of “90 Day” fans everywhere when she instantly accepted Armando and Kenny’s relationship. At just 6 years old, she didn’t fully comprehend what Armando meant when he told her that he and Kenny were engaged, but she did know it meant she was getting a new family. Armando and Hannah have one of the most heartbreaking backstories of all the “90 Day Fiancé” participants. Hannah’s mother, Armando’s late wife, was tragically killed in a car accident (via InTouch Weekly).

So when Armando asked Hannah how she felt about welcoming Kenny into their family, she took a brief moment before telling him, “I am happy because the three of us are going to be together.” Since then, Hannah’s wish for the three of them to be a family has come true. Much to the joy of their fans, Armando and Kenny are now married and are raising Hannah together. With her beautiful heart and stellar sense of fashion, it’s no wonder why little Hannah is already gaining a fan base of her own.

Like her fathers, Hannah loves animals

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If you want to get to know Hannah Rubio and her family, look no further than her Instagram page. That’s right; Hannah is on Instagram. Since she’s still a child, it’s up to her dad Armando to run the account and post photos of what his famous daughter gets up to. Among the photos you’ll find on Hannah’s Instagram are some of her playing with her adorable French bulldog, Mika.

Hannah’s love for animals has only been nurtured by her fathers. Kenny Niedermeier’s dog Truffles was a well-known face on “90 Day Fiancé.” Not one to leave a best friend behind, Kenny brought the Chihuahua along when he made the trip to meet Armando and Hannah in Mexico. It was love at first sight for Hannah and Truffles. When Truffles passed away in 2022, Kenny noted in his social media tribute that Hannah “fell instantly in love” with the elderly pup.

In 2021, the animal lovers welcomed another furry friend to the family. “Meet Romero!” Armando captioned an Instagram post of the family’s new rescue kitten. Everyone seemed absolutely enthralled with the beautiful orange and white kitten, but none more than Hannah. In several of the photos, Hannah can be seen snuggling with her new buddy and even allowing him to climb on her head.

She’s a fashion icon in the making

Hannah Rubio may be young, but it seems like she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. The “90 Day Fiancé” child is all set to become a makeup and fashion star, and she’s putting in the work to achieve both.

The only way to get better at something is to practice, right? That’s exactly what Hannah must have had in mind when she invited her father, Armando Rubio, to her “salon” for an impromptu fashion makeover. Her mission: use her primping prowess to transform Armando into the oh-so-glamorous “Amanda.” The adorable daddy-daughter moment was shared on Armando’s Instagram. In the video, Hannah is seen wearing a serious expression as she uses her makeup brushes to powder her papa’s face. The powdering is followed up by applying false eyelashes near Armando’s upper lashline. To Hannah’s credit, Armando looked like a new person by the end of the video. Hannah even had time to give herself a mini-makeover. The end result shows dad and daughter playfully flipping their blonde and brown wigs while pouting dramatically for the camera. “‘Amanda’ visiting Hannah’s Beauty Salon,” Armando captioned the cute video, before adding in parentheses, “What we do for our kids.”

Hannah’s interests also extend into fashion and modeling, if her display of magazine-quality Instagram photos is any sign. From dazzling dresses fit for a princess to classy leather fringe attire, Hannah has rocked an entire catalog of cute outfits. We think it’s safe to say she’s already a fashion icon to loyal “90 Day Fiancé” fans.

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