Fans Think Things Went Wrong Between Zach & Amy Again

LPBW star Amy Roloff has always tried her best to keep her family together. After the infamous property feud, she has been keeping in touch with all her kids and is trying to stay intact with them. Hence, there have been several instances when the celeb is spotted spending time with her grandkids.

Amid all this, viewers are concerned that something must be up as they saw Amy spending more time with Jeremy’s kids than the rest of her grandchildren. Is she secretly feuding with Zach and his family? What are the Roloffs up to these days?

LPBW: Is Amy Avoiding Zach & His Family Intentionally?

Amy Roloff is considered to be one of the most neutral family members. After Matt became the reason for the disintegration of the Roloff family, she did her best to keep her kids together. Though all of the LPBW celeb’s children live far off, she makes sure that she visits each one of them and has a special bond with her grandkids.

Hence, there have been numerous instances when Amy is documented spending time with her children and grandkids as well. Amid all this, viewers were quick to notice that she was hanging out more with Jeremy’s kids and less with Zach’s.

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Recently, Audrey took to Instagram and posted a carousel of wholesome stories. In the first clip, Amy was preparing dessert with Jeremy’s kids. It was evident that her grandkids were enjoying her company as she joked around them while she made a mouth-watering dessert.

In another story, Amy was playing with Audrey’s youngest son while he wore boxing gloves and pretended to be a professional boxer. LPBW fans loved these super cute clips but wondered why Amy wasn’t visiting Zach and his family these days. Apparently, it has been a while since she has not been hanging out with Jackson, Josiah, and Lilah!

LPBW: Amy Roloff Is Trying To Reunite All The Roloffs?

LPBW stars Zach and Jeremy moved out from the Roloff farms after Matt refused to pass on the property to them. Hence, with shattered dreams, both the boys decided to start a new phase of their lives. They got their own dream houses and started new chapters of their lives.

Amid all this, Amy tries her best to maintain her bond with all her kids. Though she might not have visited Zach and his family for a while, she was there for them when the former had severe brain surgery. She was the one who looked after her grandkids and managed everything.


That is the reason why viewers feel that Amy is the best grandmother. Recently, she shared a wholesome clip in which she was cooking with her grandkids. Fans couldn’t stop gushing over the cuteness that the post held and claimed that the celeb should now get the “MIMI Award” for her love towards her kids.

Several viewers agreed to the idea and admitted that she was the best till now. Hence, there is a fair chance that Amy will again spend time with Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah.

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