90 Day Fiance

Fans Spot Proof Of Gino’s Infidelity

90 Day Fiance stars Jasmine and Gino will finally be a part of Season 10 of the main edition. The former successfully won her partner back and would be traveling all the way to America now. Apparently, they broke up several times during their last appearence.

90 Day Fiance: Ultimate Proof Of Gino’s Cheating Scandal Revealed

Jasmine recently admitted that she ended up cheating on her fiance. 90 Day Fiance fans were in shock when she confessed that she slept with her ex-boyfriend, who lived in her building. This led to a vigorous argument and a split as well. However, Jasmine was quick to apologize and beg for forgiveness.

Like always, Gino took her back as his fiance when she agreed to come to the States. But it seems that there is a lot that Pineda still was unaware of! In the first look of Season 10, Jasmine was already in America when she learns about Gino’s infidelity.

In the clip, Jasmine and Gino were in their car while the latter was driving. Both of them seemed to be really happy together until the former found out something shocking. Pineda discovered something that looked like a liquid lipstick. She was sure that it wasn’t hers and started yelling within no time. Jasmine exclaimed, “You are a f**king cheater,” while accusing him and started crying.

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Amid all this, Gino was trying to explain that he didn’t cheat on her while she wasn’t ready to listen to anything at all! This made the viewers wonder what Gino’s cheating scandal could be all about and if Jasmine would stay with him even after all this or not!

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Wanted To Go Home After She Learned About Gino’s Cheating Scandal

90 Day Fiance star Jasmine has admitted that in the past, she won’t be able to tolerate if Gino did the same thing she has done with him. She made it clear that she wouldn’t accept the latter if he did the same. Initially, the celeb seemed to be really happy and was excited to travel all the way to America.

But after she learned that Gino allegedly cheated on her, she now wants to go back home. As soon as Pineda discovered the mysterious lipstick, she was out of control and lost her calm. She started crying and yelling at the top of her voice. It happened after she re-proposed to him and got him back in Before The 90 Days.

90 Day Fiance

Jasmine asked Gino to stop the car and went out. She was hysterically crying and claimed that she wanted to go home now. Apparently, it was evident that the celeb was initially hesitant to come to America. She had many doubts in her mind and wondered if this move would be worth it or not.

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