Fans Question Kody Brown’s Drastically Changed Physical Trait

Sister Wives fans are questioning one of Kody Brown’s drastically changed physical traits. He has pretty much held steady with his look but one thing has caught viewers’ eyes. This has thrown them off and made them wonder what is going on with him. Has the father of eighteen secretly changed things up? Read on for more details.

Fans Question Kody Brown’s Drastically Changed Physical Trait

Since Sister Wives premiered in 2010, Kody Brown has pretty much looked the same. His hair has curled some as well as lightened up a bit. Plus, his goatee has shifted but other than that, he is pretty much the same guy who used to love polygamy. Then, his third wife left him and found true happiness. Following her was his second wife who was also his third wife’s best friend. Ultimately, Kody lost his first wife and was left with his fourth wife, living in monogamy. Apparently, something else changed in his life but it was physical and fans have been quick to point it out.

kody brown/youtube

Reddit thread has been started to address this and see if other followers noticed Kody Brown’s evolution, as well. The OP wrote this: “Why is Kody’s eye color clearly blue in earlier seasons but definitely brown in later seasons??” This might be a small detail but apparently significant enough for fans to notice and point out. So, did other eagle-eyed viewers catch on to this? Of course, some just joked about why his eyes changed color. They said it was because he is the devil now.

Kody  Brown-YouTube
Kody Brown-YouTube

Another joked that it was kidney failure as he had said that he once said his pain was like a knife in the kidneys. One fan said this: “His whole face hardened and got darker. If I had to guess he wore blue contacts in the earlier seasons. There is times that he has worn glasses. Either that or he is just so angry all the time his pupils are huge.” Another added: “omg he would wear colored contacts for his tv debut.”

The Eyes

This eye situation was addressed back in 2022 as fans were wondering what was going on. Sister Wives viewers knew that this was something strange and more so, they wanted to know why the switch. The general consensus was that he most likely did wear colored contacts when the show began. This was an aesthetic choice and then he went natural and showed off his brown eyes. Clearly, fans did notice the slight detail and wanted to make sure they were seeing it correctly.

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