Fans Disgusted Over Robyn Brown’s Other House

Fans of TLC’s Sister Wives were disgusted after clocking Robyn Brown’s “other house” during the newest episode of the series. What is this “other house” that has fans so upset? Keep reading for the details.

Sister Wives: Fans Disgusted Over Robyn Brown’s Other House

During the newest episode of Sister Wives, fans had the rare treat of going inside Robyn Brown’s home. As fans know, it is pretty rare that filming happens from inside of the home. It has always sparked all sorts of questions regarding what really happens behind the doors of Robyn and Kody’s abode. This particular episode was the first Christmas for the family since Christine left. At the time, Kody had not yet lost his other wives. But, things were getting dicey between him and Janelle.

Robyn-Brown- TLC
Robyn-Brown- TLC

While inside Robyn Brown’s house, there was something on the counter in the background that caught the eyes of several Sister Wives fans. It was her “other house” sitting on her countertop. A gingerbread house, to be more specific. Fans were a bit shocked by the size of the gingerbread house. In fact, one fan was so curious about the house that they decided to do a bit of deep diving on the Internet to figure out where Robyn got the house. And, more specifically, how much it might have cost.

In a new thread on Reddit, one fan shared a screenshot of a listing on Amazon featuring the very same gingerbread house in the background of Robyn’s home. The listing revealed it could be purchased from Amazon for $420. Fans were instantly disgusted. They were disgusted by both the price and the size.

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Robyn Brown from Sisters Wives, TLC Sourced from YouTube
Robyn Brown from Sisters Wives, TLC
Sourced from YouTube

Janelle Brown Has Nothing?

Many fans pointed out that the gingerbread house was seemingly larger than Janelle Brown’s apartment. Other fans admitted they were livid that Kody and Robyn would drop hundreds of dollars on a gingerbread house while Janelle was depressed over her own finances.

In defense of Robyn, one fan added that Amazon’s prices on the house were a bit inflated. They noted the gingerbread house could be purchased at another location for a little over $100. Some fans argued that there was still a lot of money to spend on a seasonal decoration.


Here’s some of what frustrated fans had to say:

  • “There is more house in that gingerbread house than Janelle has.”
  • “Money does not buy class.”
  • “she saved her grocery money to get it”
  • “I still feel like that’s a lot of money for something you are essentially paying to keep in storage for 11 months. But I suppose you could say that about a lot of holiday decor.”
  • “I am f*cking loving this sub’s dedication to finding out how much the gaudy shit she owns costs”

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