Fans Are Worried For The Safety Of Tori’s Children After Her Recent Upload!

Tori Roloff was introduced to the reality TV realm as Zach Roloff’s girlfriend in an initial season of LPBW. The couple have since come a long way and are blessed with three adorable kids- Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah. Tori often shares various glimpses from her everyday routine with her fans.


Her uploads primarily feature daily fun and adventures of her family. Recently, Tori shared a post that she found funny. But fans did not seem very pleased and were concerned for them. Here is more about it!


LPBW: Tori Roloff Shares A Picture Of A Special Device That Raised Concern Among Fans!

Tori Roloff lives a wholesome life with her husband, Zach, and kids in their Washington home. She often treats her social media followers with frequent life updates. She recently took to Instagram to share a story featuring a special device inside her husband’s car. He is using a little people friendly device, and he has added pedal extenders so that he can drive his car.

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Tori’s story featured her flipflop stuck in the extender after its sole was damaged by a screw from the modified pedals. Emphasizing on the situation, she shared that she felt amused with the situation she claims to be most ‘unrelatable.’ She explained herself by adding that this happens when an average-height person drives a car belonging to someone with dwarfism.


Her upload raised concern among LPBW fans, who flocked to the Reddit thread to express their worry for her children. One of them hoped that she would not drive with the pedal extenders when she had her children along. Another admitted that it looks ‘extremely unsafe’ to drive a car with extenders and not use them.

The third internet user penned, “This looks dangerous af. And why are the jolts sticking out?!” One more fan stated that she was indulging in a major insurance violation. Likewise, several other fans admitted that it was not funny but rather dangerous for her kids.

LPBW: Are Tori & Zach Roloff Exiting Their Family Show?

Tori Roloff was slammed for putting her kids’ in ‘danger’ merely days after reports disclosed that she and her husband are likely not to return to the next season of LPBW. Matt’s fiance, Caryn’s son Connor, shared the news.

Since the farm feud, they have not been sharing a love-filled bond with the Roloff family patriarch, Matt. Connor shared that the couple merely visited their family home once or twice a year ever since they moved out.


He even shared that the couple has been occupied with their own thing. He revealed that he heard that they do not want to be included in the next season of LPBW. The source continued that he believes that they will not return even if the TLC show receives an extension. What could have caused Tori and Zach to decide to leave their family show?

Do you believe this piece of information to be true? Sound off in the comment section below. Neither the network nor the couple have confirmed this piece of information

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