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Expecting Baby #2 Already? Brandan & Mary Pregnant AGAIN

Brandan and Mary made their debut on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. They are a young couple, most likely in their early 20s. Their behavior towards each other was childish and quite toxic. That’s because there was zero trust in their long-distance relationship, and they stayed on video call 24/7.

Well, things failed to get better even after Brandan landed in the Philippines to be with his lady love. Then, the couple failed to remain celibate as requested by Mary’s grandparents as she announced her first pregnancy on the show. Well, it looks like they are expecting another baby!

90 Day Fiance: Mary & Brandan Ready To Be Parents Again! Show Off Baby Bump

It has been a while since Brandan and Mary became familiar faces through 90 Day Fiance. But during this time, they have failed to earn a good reputation. Many fans deemed them to be quite immature. As mentioned, they would be on a video call with each other 24/7, always aware of each other’s lives, even from miles away.

They continued to struggle when Brandan landed in the Philippines, too. He found out how his partner had been deceiving him and lying. Then, they shocked the 90 Day Fiance fans again with their pregnancy announcement. They got worried as Mary and Brandan had already come off as an immature couple.

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Now, fans believe that the couple is pregnant again. Well, as per Monstersandcritics, Brandan and Mary showed off their baby bump. Viewers know they already had their first child. That’s because they heard a baby crying in the background in one of Mary’s live sessions on TikTok.

Besides, The Other Way edition was most likely shot in 2021 or 2022. Hence, Mary couldn’t have been pregnant with her first baby for that long. So, it is clear that the couple is gearing up to welcome yet another baby!

90 Day Fiance: Brandan Finally Proposes! Mary Disgusted?

In the previous episodes, Mary and Brandan finally revealed their pregnancy. The latter was happy but also nervous at the same time. He was shocked at first because of the announcement, and took a while to process it. Later, in the next two weeks, Brandan decided the right thing to do would be to propose.

Apparently, Brandan didn’t put too much thought into it, took out two very simple rings, and asked Mary to marry him in a very casual manner. Clearly, his partner was not happy. It was quite evident on her face as she looked rather annoyed and upset.

Even though Mary said yes, she didn’t look too happy. She admitted it was a big thing and felt they weren’t mature enough. But as the TV newbie didn’t want to see Brandan get hurt, she went along with it. Fans were again shocked at this reaction.

Some called Mary out for wanting a diamond ring while both of them were jobless. Others said one should never say yes to such a big life decision to someone out of pity.

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