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Entire 90 Day Fiance Cast Walks The Red Carpet For REUNION Gala On 10-Year Anniversary!!

90 Day Fiance show has introduced uncountable stars in the reality TV realm. Many of them have reappeared several times on multiple shows and have won the hearts of the audience because of their engaging storylines. Hence, over the years, this franchise has ended up becoming one of the most viewed and favorite shows among its viewers.

Amid all this, the network again made it to the headlines when it successfully brought some of the most famous cast members under the same roof. Fans couldn’t control their excitement after witnessing all of them together. Who all attended this reunion gala?

90 Day Fiance: Stars Reunite Under The Same Roof And Walked The Red Carpet

90 Day Fiance franchise again made it to the headlines by bringing in some of the most controversial and famous stars under the same roof. It has several spinoffs that have introduced many celebs and storylines that have ended up gaining popularity within no time.

Apparently, numerous of them even got their own shows because of the fan following they had and the love they got from the viewers. Hence, this time, all these stars who became famous because of the franchise came together to celebrate the opening of Season 10 of the main show!


Recently, the official page of 90 Day Fiance took to Instagram and shared some glimpses of the starry night. It initially featured the famous pair of Tim and Veronica giving an interview to a reporter on the red carpet. Then, it documented the arrival of Manuel and Ashey while Jasmine and Gino were also in the background.

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Some famous pairs like Jovi-Yara, Ed-Liz, and Bilal-Shaeeda were also dressed up for the eve and enjoyed the opening party of Season 10. Amid all this, fans also noticed Chantel and Winter posing together while their family show’s new edition was about to air!

90 Day Fiance Cast Celebrates Kobe’s Birthday & Opening Of Season 10!

Fortunately, Kobe Blaise got the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with the entire 90 Day Fiance family. He was dressed in a black suit, and fans couldn’t stop gushing over him. It was evident that the cast enjoyed a lot at the event.

Recently, Jovi re-shared some stories from the night in which they were celebrating Kobe’s birthday. Veronica and Yara also joined them while they all danced their hearts out. Amid all this, several famous stars like Debbie, Kenneth, and Armando were also spotted in the background having fun together.

90 day fiance

Debbie wore a long red gown with her statement blond hair and looked stunning. On the other hand, suited Kenneth and Armando also gathered the limelight. They even posed with Jasmine while the latter couldn’t stop praising them.

Amid all this, fans were wondering, missing some of the most controversial stars. Apparently, twin sisters Darcey and Stacey perhaps weren’t a part of the eve, which was shocking for the viewers. Moreover, Angela Deem and Kalani also weren’t present.

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