Emma Johnston Leaves Baby Leighton In Dangerous Position

TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons family — more specifically just Emma — is being called out for leaving baby Leighton in a dangerous position. What exactly did Emma do with Elizabeth and Brice’s daughter that has fans so upset? Is Leighton in real danger or are fans being too harsh? Keep reading for the details or scroll down to see the photo.

Emma Johnston Leaves Baby Leighton In Dangerous Position

Emma Johnston of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons shared a sweet photo of her niece on Instagram recently. The photo had a filter of hearts layered on top of it. Leighton was wrapped up in a loose blanket and sleeping in the photo.

It is worth noting there was not a lot of context supplied with the picture of baby Leighton. For example, fans really can’t be sure who took the photo. Likewise, fans can’t be sure if it was Emma Johnston who put Leighton in the position or if it was someone else. Despite the lack of context, the photo had some fans pretty upset. Was baby Leighton in danger?

Emma Johnston - Instagram/Feature
Emma Johnston – Instagram/Feature

In a new thread on Reddit, one fan points out that the photo has Leighton in a dangerous sleeping position. For starters, babies that small are not supposed to sleep on their stomachs. Likewise, babies are not supposed to sleep with a blanket, stuffed animal, or anything else in their crib until they are 12 months old.

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The OP who started the thread did defend themselves from potential backlash. They pointed out that Leighton was barely two months old. So, they didn’t want to hear anyone arguing she may have “rolled over” in her sleep.

Emma Johnston - Instagram
Emma Johnston – Instagram
  • “Y’all take everything and run with it. You don’t know the context of this photo as you were not there when it was taken. Correct me if I’m wrong.”
  • “I would put my babies on their stomach during the day when I was right next to them. We don’t know the details”
  • “There should not be any blankets in a child’s sleeping area until they reach the age of 12 months. No blankets, pillows, stuffed animals…. Nothing but the baby. Liz is an RN and should know this!”
  • “I’m sorry, but OP is 100% right on this one. Back is best. You can give 50 excuses why this is okay, but factually back is best. Now everyone is free to parent how they choose, but when it comes to positional asphyxiation or SIDS I’m not going to take a chance or risk it.”

TLC Fans All Over The Place

Now, there were a lot of fans who defended the photo. There, however, were just as many who agreed that Elizabeth was an RN and should know better. One fan very passionately argued that regardless of what anyone had to say Emma shared a photo of Leighton in a dangerous sleeping position.

Emma Johnston - Instagram
Emma Johnston – Instagram

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