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Edna Staehle Breaks Silence About Son, Paul’s Recent MIA Stunt

Many 90 Day Fiance fans think that Paul Staehle pulled a death or missing person hoax and his mom Edna gave her take on it on September 3. The former TLC star disappeared and the news first arrived via Karine Martins who shared some very strange posts about him. In fact, people got the impression that she hinted at his death. Coming so soon after the fake post about the death of Josh Seiter, clickbait radar is on high alert at the moment.

Paul Staehle Is Alive After all

TLC fans who followed the story since Karine’s estranged ex disappeared, thought that she knew more than she had said. That’s because she shared a life insurance ad on social media. She also talked about him in the past tense. Naturally, fans thought he’d died. Additionally, at one stage she wrote a post saying, “Happy Thursday.” Influencer John Yates dressed her down for it on social media. In fact, he felt that she wasn’t helping to clarify things. Some people even accused the two former reality TV stars of working together to pull a hoax.

As more information came in, it seemed that Paul Staehle had somehow gotten himself marooned on an island called Ilha Kennedy Holmes. John shared the map location and told his followers on social media that apparently, it’s not a good place to be. Certainly, it seemed that Paul’s Brazillian friends weren’t in a hurry to try and get him out. Meanwhile, his mom, Edna felt frantic with worry. However, she confirmed her son’s  alive.


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Mom Edna Speaks Out On Paul Staehle Pulling A Hoax

In another live on his YouTube, John spoke with Edna after she spoke with Paul and he confirmed he was alive. John, who had also spoken with him found out from his mom about her son’s circumstances. Despite the poor connection, the TLC alum was still on the island. Edna talked about an unfriendly tribe on the island and they gave her boy food, but no shelter. So, he’s being eaten alive “by bugs.” Apparently, something went wrong with Paul;’s canoe.  So, she hopes a boat collects him “tomorrow.”

John Yates addressed the question as to whether Edna’s son pulled “a hoax.” Actually, he did it on behalf of many 90 Day Fiance fans who think that Paul Staehle pulled a stunt for attention. That upset another influencer who blasted him for it on Instagram after Edna said she didn’t believe it was some sort of “scam.”

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The thing with the missing hoax question is that despite Edna denying it’s a hoax, people still think it might be. After all, as one follower said on Instagram:

So how was his IG excepting friend requests and switching from public to private ?. Still doesn’t add up. And I believe personally in my opinion that it was set up. JY spoke to him about Josh missing and then bam Paul is missing but let’s make it more colorful to grab attention.”

90 Day Fiance Fans Are Relieved But Sad For Edna

Paul Staehle is alive and hopefully, so9mene soon fetches him and gets him to a safe place. While some critics slam Karine, Edna seemed to defend her. She said that Karine seemed convinced that her ex would be “okay.” She also said that she “can’t understand why he makes the decisions he makes.” 

A follower on YouTube said, “I really like his mom and I think she is a very nice person, but….none of this makes sense. I feel really bad for Edna. ❤I wish her nothing but the very best and I hope she gets to see him soon.❤


Paul Update - Live With His Mom Edna!


Are you happy to hear that Paul Staehle is alive if not feeling too happy at the moment? What do you think about Edna declaring that she doesn’t believe her son pulled a missing person or death hoax? Do you think it really was an attention-seeking hoax? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss 90 Day Fiance and all of the spin-offs on TLC and streaming on Max.

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