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Dr. Eric Smith Praises Tammy For Her Incredible Weight Loss, Proud Of Her Progress!

Tammy Slaton has shown immense transformation throughout the past few years. She joined the show with a whopping 600 Lbs and reached 714 lbs instead of losing it. However, the 1000 Lb Sisters celeb got a wake-up call when she was in a medically induced coma after her lungs gave up. However, it appears that hitting rock bottom was an eye-opener, and she took it very seriously. Tammy went to a rehab facility in Ohio to get rid of her unhealthy habits. Now, she has been proudly flaunting her new weight loss after reaching half of her size. Well, Dr. Eric has been a constant support for the reality TV star. He recently celebrated her achievements with a big shoutout. Look how!

1000 Lb Sisters: Dr. Eric Praises Tammy In With A Sweet Post!

TLC star Tammy has proved to everyone how one shouldn’t give up. There was a time when she struggled to get weight loss surgery. However, Dr. Eric became a big cheerleader for the celeb throughout the journey. He was the one who performed her Bariatric Surgery after she was in the rehab center. Recently, Tammy uploaded a new video on TikTok showing her weight loss progress.

In it, she recorded herself while pointing her finger towards the other way, showing pictures of her previous weight. She added a voice-over asking, “How does this? …turn into this?” The 1000 Lb Sisters star added several pictures of herself since the beginning of the show. Also, she compared them with her latest appearance in the pictures.

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The 1000 Lb Sisters star, Tammy, added the song Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” in the background. Then, Tammy’s surgeon, Dr. Eric, couldn’t resist himself to give her a shoutout. Hence, he added a video of himself reacting to her achievements on the same post. Dr. Smith then explained it was moments like these that reminded him and the other doctors why they should never give up on their patients. Further, Smith added their strength and determination can lead to amazing accomplishments while saying he was “so proud!” and expressed his happiness.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Shocks Her Doctor While Walking Without Support!

Tammy Slaton has completely changed herself after a major downward spiral. She made everyone proud with her extreme weight loss after the surgery. Then, the reality TV celeb shocked everyone when she ditched her oxygen support and wheelchair. Recently, she went to surprise Dr. Eric Smith on his birthday. Tammy and her doctor have shared a great bond ever since her Bariatric surgery. The doctor took to Instagram to reveal who visited him on his birthday. He added a picture of himself with the 1000 Lb Sisters castmate in his clinic.

In the video, Tammy appeared to give a surprise to her doctor in the hallway. Moreover, she gestured at her face, asking him to guess what was “missing.” Seemingly, the doctor was shocked to see it, and he replied with “No oxygen? That’s awesome!!” to express his happiness. Fans were happy to see that she was finally reaching her goals.

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