Did Janelle Brown Use Son’s Death To Promote MLM Products?

It’s no secret that Janelle Brown is part of the multi-level marketing (MLM) company, Plexus. But fans are increasingly worried after one Reddit user noticed something suspicious on Janelle’s page.

After Garrison Brown passed away, some Sister Wives fans began to suspect Plexus tried to capitalize on the family’s tragedy. Keep reading to see what others are buzzing about online.

Sister Wives Fans Discuss Janelle Brown’s Plexus Involvement

The Sister Wives stars involved in MLM companies have been known to push the products during major milestones in their lives. But would Janelle really use Garrison’s death as an opportunity to promote Plexus?

Janelle Brown from Life With Health And Happiness, Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

“Janelle recently posted an IG story advertising Plexus and talked about how Plexus supported her during Garrison’s death and that’s why they’re a great company to work with and buy from,” a Reddit user shared online. “Ok. That may be true and I’m so happy they did that for her. I guess I’m just surprised that Janelle would use that as a way to advertise and sell drinks. Am I reading too deep into it?”

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Many Redditors sadly realized it could possibly be true. MLM companies frequently capitalize on situations like this.

“I have a friend who has been working for … Younique for probably 7 years trying to build a down line. A few years ago her husband passed from service related cancer,” another Reddit user shared. “Younique found out and moved her up in levels, offered her a free cruise she hadn’t earned (and couldn’t attend because suddenly widowed single mom), and did a few honorific slideshows at Younique meetings with slides about her family. She was so honored but I just saw it as using her tragedy to capitalize on being seen as super empathetic and supportive while offering her basically nothing.”

Others shared similar sentiments.

Reddit Users Think The MLM Manipulated The TLC Star

Many of the Sister Wives cast members are heavily involved in MLM companies. However, many Reddit users agreed that it wasn’t a good look for Plexus in this scenario.

Other Redditors left comments such as:

  • “No matter how you spin it, shilling MLM with the help of family tragedy is not a good look.”
  • “She probably didn’t think twice. MLM companies tend to take over your life – that’s part of their plan. It’s reprehensible.”
  • “It may have felt huge to her but it’s just a marketing manipulation to them. I can’t fault her for falling for it.”

What do you think about the situation? Did Janelle Brown use Garrison’s death to promote Plexus, whether she realized it or not? Leave your own opinions in the comments.

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