Did Anna Johnston Snub Sister, Emma’s Graduation?

7 Little Johnstons fans wonder whether Anna Johnston attended Emma Johnston’s graduation or if she snubbed her sister. TLC fans discussed a possible estrangement between Anna and her parents, Trent and Amber Johnston. Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston also seems off the radar.

TLC Star Anna Johnston Fell Out With Her Parents?

For weeks, there’s been speculation that Trent and Amber had a run-in with their oldest adopted daughter. It all started in mid-May when TLC fans noticed that Amber’s official account for the show doesn’t follow her and she doesn’t follow them, either. Additionally, Liz Johnston stopped following her sister. Alex and Emma Johnston still follow Anna and vice-versa.

Anna Johnston - Instagram
Anna Johnston – Instagram
7 Little Johnstons fans are glad that Emma Johnston still seems friendly with Anna Johnston. Recently, Emma and Alex graduated, and on social media, various photos arrived. Notably, nothing came from Anna. But, there seems to be some isolation going on. Just the other day, she told a friend she wouldn’t attend the Little People of America National Conference.

Emma Johnston Shared Graduation Photos Was Anna In Them?

On Reddit, a 7 Little Johnstons fan shared a collage of photos and discussed the graduation. While Anna was in the collage, it was an old photo as Liz was still pregnant. The rest of them didn’t show Emma Johnston’s older sister. Brice Bolden either wasn’t there either, or he took some of the pictures.

Emma Johnston's Photos - Via reddit
Emma Johnston’s Photos – Via Reddit
  • People sure create funny stories just from instagram photos that the public is allowed to see. It’s probably all staged just for the views. It’s fake like everything else on tv and social media.
  • Trent and Amber are fked up for not inviting Anna… I feel bad for her man. Emma is definitely sad they didn’t invite Anna.
  • I don’t know if they are racist but it will eventually come out if they are!
  • Soooo are the parents mad about her boyfriend?
  • I believe that the rift is between Anna and the parents. I’m glad that Emma did include a picture of Anna in her collage.

On the other hand, at least one person claimed they previously saw pictures of Anna at the graduation. They said, “Anna did go to Emma’s graduation don’t know what happened with the pics.”

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