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Debbie & Tony Welcome Precious New Family Member In Canada!

Debbie Johnson initially started her 90 Day Fiance as a supporting castmate. She is Colt Johnson’s mother and played a great role in creating commotion in his relationship. But then, TLC turned the tables and featured her in The Single Life spin-off. There, Debbie tried finding love in her late 60s. Well, things were in her favor as Tony from Canada hit it off with her. Now, they are living in his country, trying to build their life together. Debbie recently shocked everyone by saying it was high time they added a new member to their family. So, what has this couple been up to?

Debbie & Tony Expand Their Family! Meet The Precious New Member

Noted 90 Day Fiance celeb Debbie Johnson finally got the chance to live her fairytale romance. Her storyline with Tony beautifully proved that love has no bounds or age limits. She met her lover when she was nearing 70, and they have been together for a long time now. Mother Debra even moved from Las Vegas to stay with her new man in Canada. She keeps updating her social media regarding their new adventures. Recently, Johnson hinted that she and Tony needed an “addition” to the family. Fans got curious and wondered if they would be adopting a baby.

90 Day Fiance

Well, Debbie soon put fans’ speculations to rest. That’s because she quickly uploaded a picture of an adorable furry kitten in the next Instagram story. The first picture was of the innocent being looking into the camera with her kind eyes. Then, Debbie asked if she was precious while sharing another photo of the cat cuddled up in a towel. The 90 Day Fiance star further revealed that they have named the new addition to the family Ember. Everyone rejoiced at this news and congratulated the new pet parents for this incredible milestone.

Debbie later uploaded another video of her partner, Tony, playing with Ember. Both of them seemed extremely happy. The former also added the text, “daddy’s little girl,” to showcase how close they have gotten to the four-legged being. They are living with Ember in Tony’s house in Canada.

90 Day Fiance: Did Tony & Debbie Marry In A Secret Ceremony?

Tony and Debbie are quite happy with each other, Viewers got a glimpse of their wholesome relationship in the 90 Day Fiance spin-off, The Single Life. Despite being shunned by Colt, the Canadian man supported his girlfriend during her darkest time. Things got so ugly between the mother-son duo

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that Debbie decided to move to Canada and leave the sin city to be with her lover. Now, speculations have begun that Debbie and Tony may have already tied the knot in secrecy.


That’s because fans spotted something in one of Debbie and Tony’s pictures. While the former grabbed the latter, they noticed she was wearing a big ring sporting a big diamond. Hence, speculation began that it must be her engagement or wedding ring. Despite there being many questions about it in the comments section, the couple refused to address these rumors. They have still left the audience guessing about their status.

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