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Deavan’s Son Taeyang Beams With Joy After A Wonderful Experience With Make-A-Wish!

Deavan Clegg is a noted 90 Day Fiance celebrity. However, she disappeared completely from the reality TV industry after her son Taeyang’s battle with Leukaemia in 2022. Till now, she has been struggling to keep her child alive from the deadly disease. Taeyang’s health struggles don’t seem to end so easily.

Although he has come a long way, he still needs a lot of care and attention. Deavan is also raising funds to afford the expensive treatments. Fans have adored the little guy for his bravery and wish that he gets healthy soon. Now, it appears that Taeyang enjoyed an incredible experience from his life. What has he been up to?

90 Day Fiance: Deavan Clegg’s Mom Shares Cute Moment Of Taeyang!

90 Day Fiance castmates Deavan and her mom, Elicia Clegg, are the biggest cheerleaders when it comes to Taeyang’s little achievements. For months, they have been dreaming of the day when it will be cancer-free. Taeyang’s condition is improving, and he also started growing his hair back.

However, he still has a long way to go in his battle. But Taeyang’s grandma was happy to see his biggest wish coming true. Recently, 90 Day Fiance star Deavan’s mom, Elicia, shared some cute pictures of her grandson with the Diesel Brothers.

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Elicia posted Taeyang’s cute video as he was jumping down with excitement about getting a remote-controlled monster truck. Elicia informed her fans that Taeyang had one of the absolute best days of his life. She was grateful to Make A Wish Foundation and Diesel Brothers for helping her grandchild fulfill his wish.

Fans were quick to flock down in the comment section to share their happiness. One fan wrote, “That precious little man deserves the best; he’s been through so much at a young age.” Meanwhile, other 90 Day Fiance fans praised Deavan, his mom, and her family for giving so much love and attention to the little kid.

Also, another fan stated, “It was a beautiful thing to see him so excited. Later, Deavan also shared lots of pictures of her son with the Diesel Brothers for letting him drive his favorite monster truck, BroDozer.

90 Day Fiance: Taeyang Went For His First-Ever Circus Visit After Improving!

Taeyang has a special connection with the 90 Day Fiance fans. The little kids grow in front of the fanbase, and they see him fighting the deadly cancer battle every day. Hence, they like to keep an eye on their favorite celebrity through Deavan’s social media.

Recently, the mother-of-three shared a picture of her middleborn child as she went to a circus for the first time. In it, she was looking super excited in a white polo t-shirt, blue shorts, and a golden mask on his eyes.

Taeyang was holding hands with his big sister, Drascilla, as they went ahead to see the show. Deavan informed her followers that her son had gone to see a circus for the first time. She was happy to see her son getting better and healthy enough to have this amazing experience.

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