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David Shares The Link To GoFundMe Page To Help Fix Sheila’s Home!

David Dangerfield and Sheila Mangubat rose to fame with their emotional storyline on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s new season. They are the first-ever deaf couple on the show. David supported the latter through her toughest phase. He even lent her $3,000 during the second year of their relationship. Sheila, on the other hand, has been living in a miserable condition since losing her job during the pandemic. Further, she lives in a dilapidated home after a typhoon and fire damaged it. Sheila had requested David to help her fix the house. However, Dangerfield stated not being able to arrange all the money on his own. Is he now raising money through GoFundMe?

90 Day Fiance stars David and Sheila are all set to start their new life together. However, the latter wanted to make sure that her father and son were safe in the house. Hence, she hoped her partner would help her fix her home. Many fans have suggested David set up a GoFundMe page for his lover. However, Dangerfield made it clear that he can’t because he can’t pay taxes or IRS.

But on August 4, he shared a screenshot of a GoFundMe page asking money to fix Sheila’s place on Instagram. Well, David said, “Please note: Someone other than Sheila and I has made this fraudulent GoFundMe page.” Further, the 90 Day Fiance star added, “We apologize and want everyone to know that the donations that are given will not go to the rightful person.”

Also, David made it clear that he doesn’t know anyone by the name of Bri Bruce. He went on to thank all the fans who were willing to help Shiela fix her home. However, he requested all the 90 Day Fiance fans not to start any campaign asking for donations from people. He emphasized that they both truly appreciated and thanked everyone for offering support. Further, David urged his followers in the comment section to watch the season finale and wait to see what happens in the show next.

90 Day Fiance: David Finally Proposes Sheila On A Romantic Dinner Date!

David and Sheila have the toughest journey on 90 Day Fiance. They have the strongest bond on the reality TV show despite all the odds. However, Dangerfield has proved several times that he loves his partner with all his heart. Fans have been waiting eagerly for the couple to exchange vows. Now, it appears that the big day will arrive soon. Recently, the 90 Day Fiance couple went for a romantic dinner date. Sheila was excited as she had never gone on a lavish date before. However, David was nervous because he wanted to propose to her.

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Initially, David dropped his plans when Sheila’s son revealed that he didn’t want to move to the US. Later, Sheila started crying over her son’s wish and her mother’s death. Finally, he decided to propose to his partner to make her happy. Well, Sheila was shocked and asked if it was real while David kneeled in front of her with a ring in his hand.

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