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David Dangerfield Wants To Buy THIS House For Sheila & Her Son

David and Sheila’s wholesome story captivated the hearts of the entire 90 Day Fiance fanbase. Viewers have seen the dilapidated condition of the latter’s house. Moreover, it has proved very deadly for her mother as she passed away by falling from the stairs. Now, Dangerfield wants to wipe away her fiance’s tears and bring her to the US along with her son Jhonreil.

But there is more to the 90 Day Fiance stars than it looks. David needs to figure out many things before bringing his new family and it involves a lot of money. He decided to move back to America to manage all the requirements and buy a house for his fiance. Recently, Dangerfield shared some snaps of his dream home but he can’t afford it. How does it look?

90 Day Fiance: David Shares His Future Plans With Sheila After Returning To America!

David and Sheila appear to be one of the most successful couples in the show till now. They never doubted each other’s intentions and offered full support. Finally, they exchanged rings before Dangerfield returned to the US. They shared a tearful goodbye at the airport and returned to their long-distance relationship.

David is focused on giving his fiance the perfect life after marriage and he went back to manage the finances. Previously, he explained that he was living in a one-room property and needed to buy a new house before bringing Jhonreil with them.

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Recently, David uploaded a picture on his Instagram showing off his dream home. Unfortunately, he is not able to afford the property at the moment. The 90 Day Fiance celeb posted several snaps of a two-storey property in Cebu, Philippines.

The property includes a swimming pool, a large porch, and a modular kitchen near a beach. Dangerfield added the details as well in the pictures. He explained, “I am dream of buy house for Sheila and son [emoji] but I can’t afford lol [emoji]” in the caption. Moreover, David praised the beauty of the house and explained that it is up for sale in Cebu, Philippines.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Support David Dangerfield & Encouraged Him For His Dream Home!

David Dangerfield hogged the spotlight for being the perfect boyfriend anyone can have. He supported his lady love in all the financial issues and stood by her in all the circumstances. Now it appears that the 90 Day Fiance star is focused on buying a new house for his future wife and her son.

Fans were happy to see him so serious about his relationship in the new post. Several of them flocked to the comment section to support the TLC celeb on his dream of buying a house. One fan wrote, “Don’t feel bad, it’s an expensive time for everyone. Just keep doing the best you can”

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