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David Dangerfield Exposes Fraudulent GoFundMe For Sheila

David Dangerfield has exposed a fraudulent GoFundMe created for Sheila after watching the couple on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. David, 42, currently stars in the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off as the franchise’s first-ever deaf cast member. David’s unique love story took him to the Philippines. He had met the 30-year-old Sheila, a single mother, on Facebook. David and Sheila dated for two years before he decided to meet her in person. There, David found out Sheila lived in pitiful conditions. She had no job ever since she lost her cotton candy-selling job during the pandemic. David admitted he had sent her over $3000 in the past year,

But David couldn’t afford to give Sheila the money she required to fix her house. It came to around $100,000 Philippine pesos ($1,725.15 in U.S. currency), which David didn’t have. According to David, an unknown person decided to help Sheila out by creating a donation link to collect money on her behalf.

David posted a link to the page named “Let’s fix Sheila’s Home,” where the creator was looking to raise $1725. David wrote that Sheila sent him the link. “Please note: Someone other than Sheila and I has made this fraudulent go fund me page.” David wrote. He continued, “We apologize and want everyone to know that the donations that are given will not go to the rightful person’s.” David mentioned he did not know the person who created the link.

David Requests Fans To Watch “Last Episode”

90 Day Fiancé’s David and Sheila smiling

David thanked those who already contributed about $830 towards the noble cause. David reached out to his followers by asking them to not start any campaigns asking for donations from 90 Day Fiancé fans. “Sheila and I truly thank all the fans that are willing to support her,” he added. But David also hinted at a happy future for him and his partner in the season. He asked his fans to “Please wait see last episode tv show.” David wants them to see what happens on 90 Day Fiancé, especially in the last episode.

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David proposed to Sheila in episode 14. He was nervous about whether Sheila was going to say yes. David took Sheila to a romantic dinner where he sweated profusely while asking the question. Sheila said yes to David, promising to agree to spend a lifetime with him. David worried because of what happened with Sheila just during his trip. Sheila’s mother Ma Remedios died on the very next day that David visited the family. Sheila’s house was badly damaged by a typhoon and a fire which destroyed everything she owned and even the home’s roof. Sheila’s mom fell down the second-floor stairs and was found dead the next morning.

Sheila then decided she wanted to build a better life for herself and her son Jhonreil. She wishes to take him to the United States with her. Jhonreil is not looking forward to the move which upsets Sheila. But now that Sheila is engaged, she might be able to convince her 12-year-old. Sheila is also making progress in her personal life off-camera. She has a sari-sari store now. It could be the big reveal that David is promising his fans on the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days finale. Regardless, David can’t start a GoFundMe himself because he can’t afford to pay the taxes on the donation money. While fans do what to help Sheila, they should be consulting the couple before starting donation campaigns, even if they are out of goodwill.

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