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David Admits He’s Building A Brand New Home For Sheila!

90 Day Fiance: The Other Ways brought David Dangerfield and Sheila Mangubat into the limelight. Their emotional and wholesome storyline touched the viewers, and they instantly fell in love with this couple. Apparently, another factor that makes them stand out of the line is that they are the first-ever deaf couple on the show.

Hence, fans surely had a whole new experience watching them. Amid all this, the audience was left in tears when they saw David’s empathy towards Sheila. He not only supported her but wished to end up building a brand new house for the latter! Is this true? How does Sheila’s new home look like?

90 Day Fiance: David Builds A New & Secured House For Sheila

90 Day Fiance star David Dangerfield instantly became viewers’ favorite because of his kind personality. The way he supported Shiela and her family has won many hearts. Apparently, the latter ended up losing her job during the pandemic and was barely surviving.

Fans were in shock when they saw Sheila’s deteriorating house condition. It was a dilapidated place, which further worsened because of a typhoon and fire. Moreover, the path that led to her house even smelled of feces and urine. Because of the poor state, living there.

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During the Tell All episode, Shaun Robinson asked David if he had built a house for Sheila. He humbly revealed that he surely did. The celeb further stated that the most important thing was that his partner and her family were now living in a “safe space.”

The host then shared the before and after pictures of the house on the show, which left the viewers in tears. Initially, Shiela’s house was in a terrifying condition with a broken ceiling and decrepit walls. But the new home was a well-planned one.

It had brand-new windows with white plaster and a wonderful exterior. David even fixed the roof of the house and evidently made Sheila’s life much easier. Everyone was really proud of him and appreciated him as well.

90 Day Fiance: Shiela Lost Her Mother Because Of Her Dilapidated House

When David fixed Sheila’s house, it was an emotional moment not only for her but for the entire 90 Day Fiance fan base. Fans were overwhelmed because they knew the cost that the latter had to pay because of her home’s deteriorating condition. Apparently, the celeb ended up losing her mom because of the same!

Recently, David shared the devastating news of Sheila’s mother’s death. He revealed that the late matriarch ended up slipping from the stairs. This was because the staircase wasn’t nailed properly, which resulted in Sheila’s mother tripping from it.

90 Day Fiance

This tragic incident took place at 5 am in the morning when the entire family was sleeping. Hence, they discovered this news after they woke up and found Sheila’s mother dead. Indeed, it was a devastating moment for the star, and she was shattered because of the same.

So when David fixed her house and made sure that she wouldn’t face such an ugly situation ever again in her life, it was a heart-touching moment for the entire fan base.

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