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Darcey & Georgi Are FINALLY Getting Married!

90 Day Fiance stars Darcey and Georgi have had a chaotic dating timeline. They never were two peas in a pod and parted ways for all the good reasons. Fans believed that this couple would never be able to make it to the aisle.

Amid all this, Darcey tried her best to find her soulmate. But it seems that no one is better for her than Georgi. Hence, the couple has finally decided to exchange vows and grow old together! Are they really getting married? What are they up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Darcey & Georgi Are Walking Down The Aisle?

Darcey and Georgi have been throwing hints about their togetherness for a while now. There have been several instances when they were spotted having flirty conversations and comments on social media. Moreover, they even went out together to numerous events.

But Darcey and Georgi tried their best to conceal their togetherness. 90 Day Fiance fans felt that perhaps it was because of the NDA that they might have signed with the network. But now it seems that this couple isn’t hesitating to talk about their togetherness.

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In fact, they are finally walking down the aisle. Recently, Georgi took to Instagram and shared a stunning picture in which he was well-dressed in a black and white suit. He looked like a pure gentleman as he gave a shy smile to the camera.

The celeb further wrote in the caption, “It’s finally happening!” with a red heart. Georgi also tagged Darcey in the caption and added many hashtags like love and the latter’s name. Viewers were quick to predict that perhaps now this couple is finally exchanging vows.

Amid all this, Darcey also reshared Georgi’s picture on her social media profile. She even posted a carousel of stories in which she was in a salon getting her hair done. Many viewers wondered if the celeb was getting ready to become a bride now, one failed engagement later.

90 Day Fiance: Georgi Admits That He Finally Found His ‘Right Person

90 Day Fiance star Georgi recently took to Instagram and confessed that “love” is an amazing feeling when it is with the “right person.” This now-deleted confession soon made it to the headlines and created controversies.

Fans were sure that Darcey was the one the celeb was talking about and that she could only be the “right” one for him. Just after a few days, both of them again ended up posting a picture together with a lovey-dovey caption as well.

90 day fiance

In the picture, Darcey and Georgi sat together like a couple and grinned at the camera. Georgi wrote in his caption, “D&G like Dolce & Gabbana.” As per the reports, they were hanging out at “South Beach Miami, Florida.” Even Darcey’s daughter also took to the comment section and wrote, “cute.”

This was again a green flag as fans felt that the celeb’s kids had also accepted Darcey and felt that they looked good together. So there is a fair chance that now the couple has finally decided to accept their togetherness publicly.

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