90 Day Fiance

Danielle Jbali joins the adult industry after being single for the last 7 years

After getting divorced from her younger Tunisian husband, Mohamed Jbali, Danielle Mullins didn’t find a new love even after getting a makeover while filming the first season of 90 Day: The Single Life. It’s been eight years since Danielle finalized her divorce, and based on her social media activities, she hasn’t found a new partner.

Many cast members within the “90 Day Fiancé” franchise are struggling financially, and the show is known for paying its cast members poorly. Consequently, several female cast members opt for the seemingly easier route of generating quick income by venturing onto platforms like OnlyFans. On such a site, they can sell exclusive access to their private photos and videos to weirdos online.

Danielle Mullins faced financial challenges and reportedly struggled with debt during her season on the show. However, she has turned her life around in the past few years and started working as a licensed practical nurse. Despite this positive change, Danielle may still be dealing with debt. The former reality TV star may have needed supplementary income, which might be why she decided to launch her Only Fans page and actively promote it through her Instagram stories.


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According to Danielle’s Only Fans page, she’s not selling anything adult-related, at least for now. In her first post on the platform, she wrote, “I will be sharing more of my life here. What I am doing day to day is dating, here to chat with fans, and more.”. Choosing OnlyFans seems questionable because if Danielle wanted to create a paywall for people to access footage from her day-to-day life, she could have used Instagram or Facebook subscription features since she has many followers on those platforms. 


The OnlyFans platform has become widely known for hosting adult-themed content that creators sell to their dedicated followers. In the case of Danielle, she is potentially considering various opportunities available to her, as it’s conceivable that in the near future, certain fans could present her with a compelling offer that she might find difficult to resist for access to her exclusive content.

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