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Daniele Gets Hysterical After Yohan Takes Her Dog

Producers stepped in after Daniele and Yohan’s fighting took a nasty turn.

Daniele and Yohan’s relationship took an ugly turn on Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. The two have been constantly fighting this season over money — Yohan feels Daniele doesn’t support him enough and she feels like he thinks he is entitled to her money without working — and on Monday’s episode, the fighting escalated. Things got nasty when Yohan attempted to take his things and Daniele tried to stop him since she paid for them, and producers stepped in after Yohan attempted to take their dog he said he bought and Daniele got hysterical.

During last week’s episode, Yohan said he didn’t want to make the marriage work anymore because of their constant issues, even though Daniele cried and said she had given him “everything.” But even after the huge fight and deciding to end their relationship, on Monday’s episode, the two agreed to still give gifts to kids in his neighborhood with him dressed as Santa Claus and her dressed as an elf.

“I’ve decided that this relationship is over, it doesn’t work,” Yohan told cameras, noting that he was at the end of his rope. “I’m out of here, I’m moving out.”

After giving the kids their gifts, the two awkwardly asked each other in the car what they wanted to do next. Daniele told him she wanted him to be her husband but that he could do whatever he wanted to do. When Yohan replied that he was “tired,” she told him that marriage takes work and that he needed to speak with truth and honesty. When he noted that they had been trying for a year, Daniele said he was talking over her and that it wasn’t important anymore so she just wanted to go home. Yohan said he would go to his mother’s house for the night but when they got back to the house and he started packing his things, Daniele didn’t want him to take the clothes she paid for since he told her that she does nothing for him. When he refused, she relented but said he could not take the hangers and started taking them off all of his clothes.

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Daniele once again stopped Yohan when he attempted to take his Yankee hats. At this point, Yohan was fed up and said if that was Daniele’s reasoning, he was taking their dog, Gizmo, because he technically bought him. When Yohan picked up the dog and attempted to walk out of the house, Daniele started hysterically crying and yelling at him to give her the dog.

“I want everybody out of my house now,” she cried as producers stepped in to diffuse the situation. “I want everybody out of my house now, all of you, get out. Get out.”

In a preview of next week’s episode, Daniele is seen packing up her things and says she discovered some things about Yohan and she now wants nothing to do with him.

“I have been wearing rose-colored glasses this entire time,” she said. “I think that the Yohan that I was seeing and was believing was there was never actually in front of me. I want nothing to do with this man ever again.”

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