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Court DENIES Geoffrey Paschel’s Appeal For Early Release! When Will He Get Out?

Geoffrey Paschel came off as an ordinary man when he joined 90 Day Fiance with Varya Malina. But, TLC had to kick the couple out of the show following a shocking reveal. One of his exes accused him of kidnapping and domestic abuse. Following this, a lengthy trial proved him guilty of these actions.

He has been serving his prison sentence of 18 years now. Despite this, Geoffrey continued to file appeals in the court for an early release. Well, after a long procedure, the verdict is finally out! So, will he be out of prison soon? When is his release date?

 90 Day Fiance: Geoffrey Paschel Will Continue His 18 Year Prison Sentence! Appeal Denied

Earlier, he was a 90 Day Fiance star, but now Geoffrey Paschel is a convicted criminal. Last year, the court found him guilty of aggravated assault and kidnapping of one of his exes. After a long trial in court, they found him guilty. Later, his team of lawyers filed for an appeal for an early release.

In their oral arguments, they emphasized that the court sentenced Geoffrey to prison with insufficient evidence during the trial. The attorneys mentioned that there was “improperly admitted evidence,” “too much emphasis on Geoffey’s ex-testimony,” and the “cumulative impact of errors.”

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But, after the appeal, the court finally gave their statement. As per Starcasm, they concluded by saying the evidence during the trial was “sufficient” for Geoffrey’s conviction. Moreover, there was discretion in the trial court when it denied both the defendant’s mistrial motion.

As a result, there is now no scope for Geoffrey Paschel to get an early release. Hence, he will continue to serve his prison sentence of 18 years with no parole. The 90 Day Fiance star is doing time in Knox County Jail in Knoxville, Tennessee.

90 Day Fiance: Varya’s First Post After Geoffrey’s Verdict!

Varya Malina has been with Geoffrey Pachel every step of the way. Even after such a grave crime came into the limelight, they continued to be engaged. While the latter is serving time in prison, his lady love is outside, taking care of his assets. She has been supportive of Geoffrey and has made many posts in the past.

She believes he is innocent and will get released soon. So, 90 Day Fiance fans were curious to see her reaction after the court’s final verdict denying his appeal. Well, the star appears to be unbothered as ever. She has been sharing pictures of her recent adventures.

Varya is currently in Georgia, road-tripping. Despite not being able to marry Geoffrey, she managed to get a green card via a lottery. Hence, the Russian woman has been residing in America since then. Fans speculate that the ex-castmate is playing a smart game.

She knows her partner is going to be in prison for nearly two decades. Hence, she has been living her dream life while staying away from her convicted fiance. But Malina has not yet released any statement talking about her partner’s appeal getting denied.

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