Clues Next Season 2024 Will Be ‘Sister Wives’ Last?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown did an interview with Mormonism Org and there was a lot to unpack. “I want out,” said Kody, when he referred to “sacred loneliness.” But does he also want out of the TLC show? Read on to find out what fans are saying.

Sister Wives – The Interview Revealed The Breakdown Of Family

Kody Brown admitted that he wanted to “come home from work and see the children every night.” However, when the wives rejected living in a big house, he felt that his “family was in the way of plural marriage.” In other words, he “wasn’t able to live plural marriage the way [he] wanted.” As he talked, it seemed that he felt that the whole premise of the show had backfired. And, he didn’t want to perpetuate something that doesn’t work and might cause “harm.”

Apart from insulting Robyn’s mom, the Sister Wives star also seemed very cautious about discussing any spoilers. So, he dodged a number of questions by using his NDA. However, one thing that clearly came through, is that there will be another season on TLC. Nonetheless, the entire past tense of his discussion was notable. He has many regrets and the TLC star portions blame. But, he seems reconciled to the fact that he and the church also made mistakes.


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Sister Wives Fans Discuss The End Of The TLC Show

On Reddit, a viewer who noticed the constant chatter about the past felt it hinted at the end of the TLC show. Especially when he talked about how watching the show makes him feel “physically ill.” Presumably, that doesn’t include scenes of his favorite wife, Robyn Brown. The OP therefore deduced, “Did anyone else notice he keeps referring to the show in the past tense?

Sister Wives 2024 Is The Last Season - TLC YouTube
Sister Wives 2024 – Kody Brown and his wives – TLC YouTube

The Sister Wives fans wondered:

“Maybe I am reading too much into it but I’ve had a theory for some time now: I know we confirmed they are currently filming as far forward as Christines wedding, I’m worried its being filmed as sort of a grand finale – open the series with a wedding, end the series with a wedding.”

TLC Fans Were Divided

Some Sister Wives fans were not too worried about the constant referral to the past tense. One of them opined that the kids like “Gwen and Paedon” are allowed to talk about the show. However, they only talk about “the past.”  Notably, they never drop future spoilers. Others noticed that Kody Brown seemed to be extremely careful not to drop any spoilers.

Sister Wives' Kody Brown [Exclusive Interview] ML: 152

Conversely, another TLC fan suggested, “After 18 seasons of episodes I don’t know what else they can do that doesn’t jump the shark more than they already do. Most of the kids are grown up and doing their own thing.”

Well, ot seems that Season 19 will happen in 2024, despite a source of The Sun claiming that Season 18 would be the end. However, everyone wants to see Christine Brown married. Might that be the finale?

Did you notice that Kody Brown’s interview seemed to mostly be referred to in the past tense? Do you agree that in 2024 the show might air its last episodes? Will it end with Christine’s wedding?

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