Christine Brown UNHINGED Over Kody’s Snub

A new preview for Sister Wives dropped and in it, Christine Brown was spitting about her ex-husband, Kody. Some people might hope that the show is scripted a lot. After all, it hardly seems possible that TLC could make it any more toxic than Season 18. Her anger came when she chatted with Savanah and her mom, Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives Christine Brown And Janelle Chatted After Christmas

Ahead of the festive season, Kody and his former third wife talked about the holidays. At the time, he insisted that any kids who visit must have a COVID-19 test. That’s because Robyn’s daughter, Aurora hadn’t had the virus. Later, TLC viewers saw that some of the kids visited. As it became a lot of fun for them, he arranged a second Christmas celebration after an overnighter. So, at least Truely got to see her dad and enjoy herself. Mykelti also went along with Avalon.

The children of Christine Brown don’t seem as estranged from Kody as Janelle’s kids. TLC fans were spitting with rage when they saw how he ghosted the boys and Savanah on Christmas day. In fact, he didn’t send his daughter a text, make a call, or buy her so much as a peanut. While people understand that the boys, Gabe and Garrison, fell out with their father, it’s not clear that Savanah did anything to him. In a new preview for the TLC show, things pick up with Janelle telling David Woolley’s fiance what happened.


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Christine Brown Spits With Rage In Sister Wives Preview

ET Online shared a preview for the next episode, and in it, Janelle seemed torn about returning to Utah or remaining in Flagstaff. Undecided about staying in the city she loves, she’s not sure that she still knows a lot of people in Utah. However, Truely’s mom told her there are still a few old connections around Salt Lake City. Anyway, instant separation and a spiritual divorce will take time, so Janelle’s not yet sure what will happen with Kody.

ET TLC Preview Christine Brown Off Rails Over Kody's Snub
Image credit: TLC via ET Online

In January, Christine Brown heard Savanah and Janelle talking about what went down at Christmas. It’s been a long time since Kody spoke with any of Janelle’s side of the family. Savanah explained how she remains ghosted by her dad who last talked to her on her birthday which was in early December. Later, in a confessional, Kody accused his two former wives of kicking him “out [the] home.” Speaking about Savanah, he said that he’ll throw her “a Christmas,” if that’s what she wants. However, he also mentioned, “The phone goes both ways, the kids can always call me.” In the meantime, Christine went off with rage.

Right Off The Rails Rant

Christine Brown started to get very angry about Kody ghosting the kids, especially Savanah. She said, “He lives a half an hour away and he comes into town.” So, the Sister Wives star said, “I am so mad!” She added, “I am so furious with the whole thing.” In her confessional, she spat, “I don’t think he understands how easy it would be to FIX this!” She also said that “all he needs to do is see his kids. Make…” Then she got too angry to continue talking.

Sister Wives: Janelle Considers MOVING AWAY Amid Tension With Kody (Exclusive)

What are your thoughts about the anger and the estrangement? Do you agree that Kody Brown could easily fix it? And, do you think that perhaps he’s weaponizing the kids to get back at his two former wives? Sound off in the comments below

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