Christine Brown Receives Hate Over Insane Home Decorations Idea!

Christine Brown is prepping up for her dream wedding with David Woolley. Sister Wives fans have been eagerly waiting for the pair to tie the knot. They have come a long way in her journey after Christine’s divorce from Kody Brown. They went from lovers to fiances within a few months only. Fans were quick to notice that the couple won’t take long to walk down the aisle.

The TLC star Christine has shifted to her new Utah-based home recently. She is living there with her daughter, Truely Brown. Currently, the mom-of-six is busy decorating her home for Halloween. Sadly, it didn’t go well with fans due to her overpriced choice. What did she do?

Sister Wives Christine Brown Left Fans Divided On The Internet For Her New Home Decor Detail!

Reality TV star Christine Brown loves giving her home an extraordinary look. She spent months redecorating her Utah-based home. The mom-of-six from Sister Wives loved sharing even the littlest details of her new place with fans and knowing their responses.

Now, it appears that she is bracing up for Halloween. On September 20, Christine posted a video of herself in front of her home. In it, she was showing off her outdoor Halloween decoration idea. Further, she expressed how much she loves decorating for the holidays.

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However, she doesn’t like decorating the outdoors when it’s cold outside or anything like that. But the reality TV star has made it clear that she really wanted to be festive. She decided to go for permanent lights this time.

Sister Wives fans could easily get a glimpse of the blue-red linings of lights at her huge mansion. She went on to explain that she has lights up all year round. So, she was quite excited and called it “so cute!” Further, Christine explained that she just had to reprogram the lights from her mobile for Christmas.

Fans speculate that the permanent lights must have cost her around $ 5,000, and they didn’t look impressed. One fan wrote, “Very nice, but the average person cannot afford these lights.” Meanwhile, a different fan pointed out that these lights could cause disturbance to people living opposite her home.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Accidently Spills On Her Wedding Update!

Christine Brown’s fans have been waiting for her wedding with David Woolley. The Sister Wives star has been teasing fans a lot with the wedding preparations these days. Moreover, she has been finalizing the wedding dress and other arrangements.

So, fans were expecting that the new pair would tie the knot soon. Now it appears that she herself revealed the wedding date by mistake. Recently, she appeared in a live session with her daughter Mykelti.

A fan started a Reddit thread sharing the screenshot of the live session. In it, Christine revealed that her wedding is roughly six weeks away. Hence, fans calculated the timeline and found that it might fall in the middle of October.

Moreover, several fans shared their excitement on the big news as they had been waiting for a long time.

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