Christine Brown Gives Truely Comfort About Living With David

Since the new year is here, Sister Wives fans can get excited about the long-awaited Wedding Special. Although the smitten couple exchanged rings in October, fans have been in a holding pattern ever since looking forward to the beautiful affair. And now, just days away, TLC is offering sweet tidbits to stave off the cravings until Christine Brown takes the steps down the aisle. But this marriage affects more than just Christine and David Woolley. Both have large families and unquestionably this will come with transitions.

Sister Wives Wedding Special

In a newly released teaser, Sister Wives star, Christine Brown, spends some quality time with her daughters. Within the clip, Aspyn, Mykelti, Truely, and Ysabel are together with several others primping and pampering Christine before her big day. During the spa-esk party, each of the daughters shared their thoughts about David Woolley joining the family. But one daughter in particular will feel the direct effects of David Woolley joining the family. Since Christine’s youngest daughter, Truely, still lives at home, this merger will shake up her life the most.

Christine Brown gets her makeup and brows done. - TLC Sister Wives
Christine Brown gets her makeup and brows done. – TLC Sister Wives
Pre-wedding Pampering for Christine Brown’s Wedding. – TLC Sister Wives

Truely Brown Sees The Brunt Of The Changes

While adding a new family member is significant for all members, some will see more direct effects in their day-to-day lives. Without a doubt, Truely Brown’s life is altered by Christine and David’s union. In the Sister Wives Wedding Special sneak peek, Truely talks about life with David in the mix. When engaging with her sisters, Ysabel reminds Truely, “Mom’s going to be married to David tomorrow.” But Truely just says, “Well, I already live with both of them.” Continuing, she emphasizes, “Like, they live in the same house.” Admittedly, Truely nonchalantly considers them husband and wife already. Although she makes it seem like it isn’t a big transition for her, Christine shares a private interaction they had earlier.

Perhaps the conversation that Christine Brown shares about her and Truly happened before David moved in, but it gives insight into how both feel about the new chapter. During the Sister Wives teaser, Christine talks about Truly being nervous about David living with them. Christine expresses, “And she goes, ‘A little bit.’ And I said, ‘So am I.’ She goes, ‘OK then, a lot.’ And I said, ‘OK.’” Then Christine adds reassuringly, “I said, ‘You know, he’s not going to replace your dad. No one’s going to replace your dad ever.” She says, “And that’s not what David wants to do.’”

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Mykelti getting her makeover before Christine Brown's wedding. - TLC Sister Wives
Mykelti getting her makeover before Christine Brown’s wedding. – TLC Sister Wives

Continuing, Christine Brown explains in the Sister Wives clip the hesitation as she comforts Truely. She says, “And I said, ‘It’s super weird having a guy live with us full time, isn’t it?’ She goes, ‘Yeah, it’s never happened to me before.’” Then Christine has an epiphany, “And I said, ‘It’s never happened to me before, either.’”

Sister Wives: Christine & David Wedding – Christine’s Daughters are Thrilled About the Wedding Day

What do you think about Christine Brown connecting with Truely in this new stage? Do you find it relatable? Have you had a similar experience? Are you planning to watch the upcoming Sister Wives Wedding Special? Drop your comments in the section below.

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