Christine Brown Flaunts BIG Weight Loss In Skimpy Mini Dress

Janelle and Christine Brown are riding a wave of popularity with Sister Wives fans right now and they flaunt their weight loss, but it was Kody’s former third wife’s skimpy mini dress that caught the eye of followers this weekend. Meanwhile, Janelle got kudos for her style as well.

Christine Brown Shed A Lot Of Weight, Gets Stylish

Both of Kody’s former wives left him and they both started looking after their health. In fact, they market their supplements together and they combine them with workouts. Actually, Meri, whom Kody told to go away, also works out, and between the three of them, lie shadows of former pounds that melted away. Since she became engaged to David Woolley, Truely’s mom looks great and that’s one thing that even TLC critics can’t deny.

Confident in her slimmer figure, Christine Brown wears shorter dresses and even short pants that probably, Kody disapproves of. Back in July last year, she flaunted her legs in the shortest shorts that fans had ever seen her wearing before. However, when it comes to dresses and skirts, she wears much shorter clothing now. These days, the Sister Wives star has thinner-looking legs so she can rock her stuff with flair.


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Christine Brown Gets The Attention Of Fans In Her Mini Dress

On the Secret to Self Care account on Instagram, a video revealed Maddie Brown Brush looking slim and healthy. And, in it, there were also photos of Janelle, Myketi Padron, and her mom. In the caption, it talked about “Gut Health,” which is the primary aim of selling their supplements. Mind you, it should also incorporate an “active” approach with exercise. In the photo, Janelle wore a bright pink dress.

TLC Sister Wives Christine Brown Flaunts BIG Weight Loss In Skimpy Mini Dress Instagram
Image credit: @the_secret_to_selfcare Instagram

Christine Brown wore a white mini-dress. Actually, her weight loss is noticeable and it compliments her tall frame. Not afraid to flaunt those legs, she looks way different compared to when she still lived with Kody Brown. Sister Wives fans loved the bold pink on Janelle, and viewers agreed that both women look amazing.  One impressed fan said, “Janelle in that hot pink! ??”

TLC Fans Think That Boh Women Look Amazing

Christine Brown and Janelle were praised for their health and slimmer figures. One commenter wrote, “Both of you look so much better, healthier & pretty & happy since you got away from Cody! (sic) Stay happy ❤️.”

Inspired, another fan said, “Y’all look so beautiful, skin is glowing.???? I need to start…”

Several followers talked about how “amazing” they look these days.

What do you think of Christine’s figure in her amazing mini-dress? Do you think she might become a popular fashionista for Sister Wives fans? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us, here at TV Shows Ace for more about the cast in the TLC show.

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