Christine Brown Dumps Kody’s Last Name For New Hubby, David?

When Sister Wives star Christine Brown remarries, will she change her name?

Christine previously hinted that her wedding was in October. She didn’t publicly reveal the date, but fans have been trying to dig up clues online. Online, many Redditors seem to believe that her special day is this weekend.

Fans are excited to see the photos from the big event, but others are thinking about the aftermath. Will Christine Brown get rid of Kody’s last name when she marries David Woolley?

Keep reading to see what Sister Wives fans are saying online.

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Christine Brown prepares for her special day

Could Christine Brown’s wedding actually be this weekend? One Redditor suggested so after sharing a registry they found online.

“Is today Christine and David’s wedding day?” they asked, sharing an image with the couple’s name and a wedding date of October 7, 2023. Most Reddit users questioned whether or not the registry was legitimate. But another posed a very interesting idea.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from InstagramSister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Man, if I were her I would already have the wheels in motion to get my name changed asap,” another user replied.

“Lol me too … I would be like’“I have no clue who Kody Brown is, I’m Mrs David Woolley’,” someone else joked.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/Instagram

“I’d say she will take his name. Her first real marriage [with] a man who loves her!” another Redditor wrote.

Is the wedding registry legitimate?

It’s pretty easy for anyone to create a fake wedding registry, so some Redditors had some questions about it. However, others in the thread seemed to think it was real based on social media activity.

“Christine has not been tight lipped about her wedding day. She makes post on Instagrams and announced the wedding date in a car confession about how much she had to do prior to the wedding on Oct 7th!” on Redditor shared.

Either way, Sister Wives fans will have answers soon enough. After the wedding, Christine will surely share several photos and videos of the big event. Plenty remain hopeful that TLC will air a wedding special later on.

Do you think Christine will take David Woolley’s name after their wedding? Or will she keep the name “Brown” for business purposes, as some fans suggested? Share what you think in the comments.

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