Christine Brown Accidently Reveals Her WEDDING DATE

Sister Wives fans have been eagerly waiting for Christine and David’s wedding. After watching their fast-track romance, viewers became sure that this couple won’t waste time walking down the aisle now. Apparently, their status went from casually dating to getting engaged in just a few months. So it is evident that Christine and David are sure that they want to grow old together and aren’t planning to waste more time now. Recently, the former finally admitted that her wedding is in just 6 weeks!

 Christine Brown Is Getting Married in 6 Weeks?

Christine Brown from Sister Wives has been manifesting her happily ever after with her fiance, David Woolley these days. Fans have been witnessing their chemistry while they have been flaunting their bond on social media. Amid all this, Christine has been busy searching for a perfect dress for her wedding while she is making all other arrangements as well. Hence, viewers were sure that her big day was perhaps way closer than they ever imagined it to be! Recently, the celeb herself spilled the tea in her lives session and ended up revealing her wedding date accidently.

Recently, a Reddit thread started with a screenshot of Christine’s live session with Mykelti. The OP claimed that the former revealed that her wedding was just roughly six weeks away now. So, if we calculate, Christine’s big day would perhaps be in the middle of October! Fans started the countdown, and their excitement was evident in the comment section. A user wrote, “I can’t wait for the pictures.” Many viewers even demanded TLC to have a full special segment of her wedding. They wanted the cameras to document everything, starting from Christine’s dress shopping to the moment when she renounces her Brown surname and takes Woolley.

Sister Wives: Fans Predict The Guest List Of Christine And David’s Big Day

Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s wedding is one of the most anticipated moments till now. Fans are eager to witness their big day and busy discussing all the aspects of their marriage lately. Viewers have been having endless conversations regarding the guest list and have even suggested many romantic locations for their honeymoon. Amid all this, fans were wondering about who Christine would prefer to invite to her wedding. Apparently, it is evident that all her kids, accompanied by their families and partners, would be an internal part of her marriage.


Then comes Janelle and her kids. Apparently, viewers are sure that Christine can’t even think of getting married without her bestie. So she would be surely there. Then, David’s kids and his family would also be cordially invited to the ceremony. Many fans believed that the celeb wouldn’t ask Kody and Robyn after all the chaos that Season 18 has been featuring lately. But others feel that Christine wouldn’t be that rude and would surely at least send the invitation. Yet the majority of the audience is sure that Kody wouldn’t even think of attending Christine and David’s wedding. What do you think? Will he come?

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