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Chantel Officially Introduces Her Cute Furry Friend — “My Child”

90 Day Fiance star Chantel initially came into the limelight because of her wholesome storyline with Pedro. But soon, they decided to part ways because of their differences. Fans were in shock when the couple recently announced their split. However, as of now, both of them are trying their best to move on from each other.

Amid all this, Chantel decided to introduce her only “child” officially and made it to the headlines. Viewers couldn’t believe it when she shared a cute picture of her kid and surprised her entire fan base! When did Chantel have a child? Is it Pedro’s kid?

0 Day Fiance: Chantel Officially Has A Child Now, Proudly Introduced Furry Friend

The noted 90 Day Fiance couple Chantel and Pedro’s storyline won many hearts. They were a promising couple, and viewers were in love with their chemistry. Apparently, no one even predicted that this lovey-dovey couple would have a messy split.

Hence, it was a shock for everyone when they saw Chantel and Pedro undergoing a chaotic divorce. Since then, viewers are aware that the former is trying to move on while she is enjoying her “single” life these days. Amid all this, Chantel again created controversies by officially introducing her child to the world!

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Recently, Chantel took to Instagram and posted a wholesome picture of her kid. 90 Day Fiance Fans were in shock when they got to know that she now “officially” had a child and was a mother. However, they soon realized that the celeb was actually talking about her dog!

Chantel shared a snap of her pet sitting in her and gazing out from the window. She wrote, “She’s officially my child now.” This made it clear that the noted star is an animal lover and loves being around her pet. So now Chantel is a pet mom. Viewers appreciated her for the same and praised her official child as well.

90 Day Fiance: Will Chantel’s Family Show Return For Another Season?

90 Day Fiance fans have loved Chantel and Pedro to the extent that the network ended up giving them their own show. The Family Chantel basically featured the couple’s love and chemistry, which gained viewers’ attention. But their divorce has clearly jeopardized the basic storyline of the franchise.

Moreover, the makers haven’t announced another season of the show as well. This made the viewers wonder if Chantel and her family would return for another edition or not. The former also admitted that she would love to have another season as people would be able to relate to her story.

90 Day Fiance

Though the basic storyline doesn’t exist now, there is still a lot that The Family Chantel could feature. It could document all the reasons why Chantel and Pedro decided to part ways. It can further show them moving on from each other and letting other people enter their lives.

Hence, their dating lives could become a potential storyline of the show. So it is evident that even after Chantel and Pedro’s divorce, fans are manifesting the return of their favorite show.

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