Caryn’s Son Reveals Real Reason Matt Roloff Is Relisting Roloff Farms On Sale!

The popular TLC show Little People Big World featured the lives of Roloff family members living together on their family farm. However, their family dynamics changed after most of the members moved out of the farm, primarily after the famous family feud. Earlier, LPBW star Matt rented the farm for a short while. But in August 2023, he put up the Roloff Farm for sale again. Recently, Caryn Chandler’s son Connor Chandler, why his mother’s fiancé Matt, decided to relist his farm.

Connor Says Matt Roloff Is A ‘Busy Man,’ So He’s Selling The Farm

A lot has changed after the end of the previous season of Little People Big World. Thus, fans have been curiously waiting for the unveiling of more details in the upcoming season. Among several other storylines, the details related to Roloff Farms will certainly be discussed in LPBW Season 25. This will include almost all the details related to Roloff Farms being rented for some time to it being relisted again in August.

Earlier, Matt had asked for $4 million for 16 acres but has recently dropped the amount to $3,395,000. The exact reason for relisting was unknown until recently when Caryn Chandler’s son Connor disclosed to TheSun why Matt took the decision to put his farm for sale once again. Talking about the rented portion, he shared that Airbnb was doing well. However, they decided to stop that and put a less used portion of the farm and sell it with the big house.

Little People Big World LPBW

Connor Chandler then continued that his mom said that they have planned to sell 16 acres of land, including the rented house. He added that she even shared that they have decided to keep 90 acres including his new home, most of the barns, and the pumpkin patch.

Caryn even told him that Matt was looking to reduce his workload. Connor then accepted that he believes his mom and Matt have been occupied and are looking to reduce their load. He even shared that “farm alone without TV show and a pumpkin patch is a lot to take care of.” Talking about Matt, he also called him a ‘busy man.’

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LPBW: Zack Roloff Will Not Host Private Tours For This Year’s Upcoming Pumpkin Festival!

The annual Pumpkin Festival is indeed one of the most interesting events at the Roloff Farms. Besides the show LPBW, this event attracts the second-highest flow of money in their lives. Recently, Matt and his son Jacob have been putting in all their efforts to make the pumpkin season 2023 a successful event at Roloff Farms.

The Roloff family patriarch often posts about add-ons and updates related to the festival with fans. Most of this information was well-received by LPBW fans. But most of them expressed their dissatisfaction when he shared that they will not have their typical private tours this year.

Roloff Farms Official Instagram: [@rolofffarms]

Many of them quickly asked if Zach would give the wagon tours. The Farms’ account quickly denied sharing that other family members would be there. This response is hinting that the father-son feud has still not been resolved. What do you think? Sound off in the comment section below.

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