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Breaking news!! It took Annie Suwan up to 3 hours to do this painful thing on her body. What is this? The truth will surprise you

David Toborowsky from 90 Day Fiancé has shared a video of Annie Suwan getting a massive floral tattoo on her back, which took three hours to be inked.


  •  Former 90 Day Fiancé star Annie Suwan gets a big red flower tattoo on her back, which her husband David Toborowsky proudly shares on Instagram.
  •  Fans react to Annie’s tattoo, commenting on the pain and size. David reveals it took three hours to complete and suggests it’s a permanent tattoo.
  •  Annie is praised for enduring the pain and David for supporting her decision. Other husbands may not be as supportive. The couple shares their new memory with 90 Day Fiancé fans.

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Annie Suwan got a new body modification ahead of New Year 2024. The Thailand native is most popular for her caring relationship with David Toborowsky and fun-loving personality. Over the years, she has traveled the globe with her American husband and posted about it on Instagram. Most recently, she returned to her home country and attended her cousin’s wedding. Like Annie, her younger sibling got engaged to an American man.

Annie did more than just attend her cousin’s special day in Thailand. David recently posted a video of his wife lying in a tattoo parlor. He proudly flaunted the big red flower tattoo she got on her back and shared his feelings about it. David wrote, “Annie just had her new Tattoo,” adding that it’s extremely beautiful, just like his beautiful Thai wife.

He seemed mesmerized by the artwork, which showed three red flowers, a few butterflies, and some leaves. The 90 Day Fiancé star’s tattoo spanned across her back, going from the lower spine area to her upper right shoulder.

Fans React To Annie’s Floral Tattoo

90 Day Fiance's Annie Suwan and David Toborowsky in front of windows

Fans were shocked to see Annie get such a massive tattoo on her back. A social media user commented, “that has got to be one of the most painful areas.” Another commented, “ouch! That’s a big tattoo! Pretty though.” Some even asked if the beautiful tattoo was very painful for Annie. David responded to the concern, saying it hurt her “a little.” The fans also asked if getting the tattoo took a long time, as it was almost the size of Annie’s back. However, David revealed that completing it didn’t take more than “3” hours.

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It’s bold of Annie to get such a massive body modification on her back. The spinal region and sides are one of the most sensitive skin areas on the body. Therefore, the Thai reality star deserves appreciation for going through the pain to get herself a memory that’ll last forever. While David didn’t reveal if it was a real skin tattoo, his answer about the pain suggests it was indeed permanent. Let’s hope that Annie continues to feel great about it and doesn’t regret permanently getting it inked on her body like many others do.

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