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Boundaries Are Pushed ‘Too Far’ on ’90 Day: The Last Resort’ as Ed Learns He Was a Leprechaun in a Past Life

Boundaries are being tested big time on 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort.

On Monday’s episode, Kalani revealed a shocking secret, and Ed underwent hypnosis therapy and made a surprising discovery about himself. Meanwhile, Jovi talked Kelly and Asuelu into a boys’ night out and Yara put her foot down with Angela.

Kalani Discloses Revealing Home Videos

90 Day Last Resort
90 Day’s Kalani.TLC

Kalani and Asuelu completed their homework assignments instructing them to masturbate separately. While Kalani acknowledged that they seemed to be making progress, she admitted she was still struggling to forgive him for cheating on her and that it was hard for her not to picture him with other women.

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When Asuelu asked if she thought about her hall pass when she masturbated, she responded no and insisted that she hadn’t been in contact with him.

“You are my first priority,” she said. “I’m not doing this for other people. You know, you are the only one.”

However, it turned out Kalani’s answer wasn’t entirely truthful. Later in the episode, she spoke with Angela and Yara about the couple’s assignment, and she admitted that she thought about a couple of “home videos” as she masturbated — ones that weren’t of her husband. Although Yara assured her that they were “not judging,” Kalani couldn’t help but feel terrible.

“I feel guilty that I lied to Asuelu about thinking of the other guy while I was doing my homework,” she said in a confessional interview. “But when I think about Asuelu in a sexual way, it kind of just makes me sick. Not because it’s, like, terrible or anything, but because I always think about him cheating.”

“After everything that’s happened, I just… I’m having a hard time finding him sexually attractive,” she continued. “I don’t want to make things any worse by telling him the truth.”

Ed’s Past Life Regression

Ed spent some time with Petey Silveira, a therapist who specializes in healing trauma through past life regression.

“This process is not for everyone. But in the intake that I did, I was very engaged by Ed and Liz because they are highly sensitive people and they absolutely are looking for healing,” Petey explained. “If you can’t see the reason from childhood, often times those things are taking place in a past lifetime. Until we’re aware of why we choose these certain roles that we have in life, you can’t change anything.”

Using hypnosis, the therapist put Ed in a deeply relaxed state and “instructed [his] soul to take [him] back to a lifetime” that he had. Once he was relaxed enough, she asked him to describe what he saw. Then, he made a startling discovery: he was apparently a leprechaun in a past life.

“They would hang me upside down in metal shoes and I would spin,” he described. “I would entertain people. People would laugh. I was alone. I was a lonely performer, and then they threw me in a hole. They threw me away.”

90 Day Last Resort
90 Day’s Ed.TLC

He then reflected on the “soul lesson” of it, stating, “I’m not loved.”

Petey, who said she had never seen anything like this, encouraged him to reflect on how the trauma of his past life related to his present self. They came to the conclusion that, while he was still dealing with a “physical issue” in the present, things were ultimately better for him in his current life because he’d found companionship in his partner Liz.

“I mean, it was it was scary,” Ed reflected on the experience. “I was made to feel different and inferior, but my humor has gained me more in life then it has hurt me. And now I definitely feel love. And Liz makes me feel love.”

The Boys Hit the Strip Club

After an intense day of therapy, Jovi convinced Asuelu and Kelly that it was time for a guys’ night. First, they went to a bar and ordered some drinks. They discussed their relationship issues. Asuelu worried about Kalani, but acknowledged that things were feeling “hopeful” between them again.

Meanwhile, Kelly shared that if things didn’t work out between him and Molly after two weeks, he would have to determine whether or not he wanted to stay in Georgia. “If it don’t work out, I’m just gonna go,” he said.

90 Day Last Resort
Kelly, Asuelu and Jovi on ’90 Day: The Last Resort’.TLC

Jovi chimed in and opened up about his own struggles. He and his wife, Yara, had been on different pages when it came to intimacy — Yara wanted more romance, while Jovi was more focused on sex. For their homework assignment, they were supposed to spend some quality time cuddling, but Jovi said he felt “tested.”

Then, Jovi asked Asuelu if he had ever been to a strip club. The Samoan man admitted that he hadn’t, explaining that they didn’t have them in his culture. Seeing an opportunity to have a some fun, Jovi proposed the three of them visit one.

“I think going to a strip club is essential to learning American culture,” he said to producers. “And I think for someone like Asuelu, taking him to the strip club could be good. I want to, you know, open his eyes.”

With that, the boys headed out to the strip club. However, Kelly insisted that they would have to keep it a secret — or their wives would be furious.

Yara Sets a Boundary With Angela

90 Day Last Resort
90 Day’s Kalani and Yara.TLC

Later in the episode, Yara, Angela and Kalani hung out at the beach and Yara confronted Angela about her behavior. The previous night, a drunk Angela snuck into Yara’s room and jumped on her bed, then showed her a video of her licking her husband Jovi’s face. The two of them got wasted together in an episode earlier this season.

Angela apologized and admitted she might have gone “too far,” explaining, “I’m like a kid when I drink. I’m bad.”

Yara eventually forgave her, but maintained that she was “protecting” her boundaries. On the other side of the coin, Angela casually said she had “no boundaries.”

In a confessional interview later, Yara told producers that she was more angry with Jovi than Angela — but still thought there needed to be “consequences” for her actions.

“To be honest, I’m not real upset with Angela,” she said. “Angela has been freaking Angela. If Jovi will not drink with her in the bar, she will not show up in my room. I am upset with Jovi, but I don’t want her to get away with everything which he is doing. There needs to be some consequences for her.”

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