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Big Ed Loses His Mind After Hypnosis Session, Revisits Past Life

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort has come up with endless shocking confessions and revelations. All five couples are facing their demons while they are trying to save their relationship. Amid all this, the Council of Expert Therapists plays a vital role. They are helping the couples dig deep into their issues and have ended up reaching their past lives as well! Fans were in shock when Big Ed underwent a hypnosis session recently and ended up revealing a lot about his past life. He confessed to being a leprechaun, and viewers are still in disbelief!

90 Day Fiance: Big Ed Reveals Who He Was In His Past Life

90 Day Fiance star Big Ed wasn’t taking his therapy session on The Last Resort initially. Liz also called him out because of the same multiple times. Hence, fans also lost hope that the celeb would ever be able to progress in his relationship. But now it seems that the experts have finally found a way to heal Ed and his wounds, even from his past life. Recently, he had a session with a therapist who’s an expert in healing trauma and issues via past life regression. Her name is Petey Silveira, and she decided to explore Big Ed’s past life in order to heal his current personality.

Petey Silveira used hypnosis to make Big Ed relax and spill out his past life’s truths. As soon as the latter was out of his senses, he started to murmur that someone was about to “hang” him upside down that too in “metal shoes.” The 90 Day Fiance celeb further added that he would “entertain” and people would “laugh.” But Big Ed was quick to add, “I was alone. I was a lonely performer.” He further revealed that he had been in this place before, and it seemed to be like an “elf.” Fans and Petey were in shock when Ed claimed, “I have like an elf, like a leprechaun costume.” He stated that he was “alive” yet “buried.”

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90 Day Fiance star Big Ed talked about all his insecurities and issues from his past life during his Hypnosis session. The celeb revealed that there were some people who were throwing him in a hole! Big Ed then became a bit emotional and admitted, “I’m not loved.” Apparently, as per Petey, this was the “soul lesson” of his session, which was really important. He further added that his experience was really “scary.” The noted star claimed that he was made to feel “different and inferior” from others.

90 Day Fiance

Amid all this, Big Ed stated that his humor has gained him much more in life than it has hurt him till now. But he seemed to be happy when he admitted that now he feels loved. The celeb confessed, “Liz makes me feel love.” After witnessing all this, Petey was in literal shock. She admitted that she hadn’t seen anything like this before in her life. The noted expert concluded that Ed was dealing with some kind of “physical issue,” but Liz has made his life better now.

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