Baby Josiah Looks So Adorable Trying To Walk By Himself — Cuteness Overload!!

Tori Roloff from LPBW loves documenting and sharing her kids’ milestones these days. Recently, she revealed that Jackson and Lilah have finally started a new era in their lives. They are now going to school and also loving this new change.

Amid all this, Josiah also didn’t leave a chance to create headlines. He shocked the Little People Big World fanbase by taking his first step recently. But viewers were in disbelief when they recently saw him walking like a pro. He also look extremely cute doing so.

LPBW: Tori Roloff Shares Josiah’s Legs’ Milestone, He Walks Like A Pro Now

LPBW star Tori Roloff loves sharing content regarding her kids. Lately, she has posted a lot of stuff regarding Josiah. The latter has been really happy these days as he is getting his parents all to himself while Jackson and Lilah go to school.

Amid all this, the star kid has been achieving milestones and is shocking the entire fan base. Recently, Tori took to her social media handle and posted a clip in which Josiah took his first step. Viewers were left in tears when they saw him walking as they weren’t prepared for this moment at all.

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But now it seems that every day, in every way, Josiah is getting better and is excelling in his life. Recently, Tori shared a clip in which she documented him standing in their living room. The sweet baby boy stood close to his white couch while he was trying to walk without any support.

Josiah was continuously smiling and giggling, while Tori also couldn’t control her laughter. Fans were quick to notice that his confidence has improved a lot, and his walk is also getting better day by day. People couldn’t stop gushing over him as he looked really cute while he had a black onesie and attempted to walk like a pro!

LPBW: Everything About Tori & Zach’s Rainbow Baby, Josiah

LPBW stars Zach and Tori welcomed their third child on April 30, 2022. They named their son Josiah and nicknamed him “Si.” The couple soon realized that their youngest kid was also born with achondroplasia, which is a kind of dwarfism.

Josiah had inhertied it from his father, while his siblings Jackson and Lilah also have the same kind of dwarfism. But Tori and Zach made it clear that this was just his “condition” and not his identity at all. Hence, they never felt that their kids were different from others and always gave them equal treatment.


Amid all this, Zach and Matt’s family feud broke out. Hence, viewers started to watch their family show just for the sake of the couple’s cute children. Since then, viewers have followed Tori for exclusive content about her kids and are in love with the adorable star kids.

On the other hand, the former also never fails to talk candidly about her kids’ struggles. She even opened up about how Josiah was born with a longer tongue than usual kids while she also made it clear that he doesn’t have any eye issues like Lilah.

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