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B90 – Dempsey & Statler Are In A Band-Aid Relationship (Here’s Why)

Dempsey Wilkinson and Statler Riley from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise have different goals, but they seem to be together due to attachment issues.

Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days are probably in a relationship for quick relief. The new couple’s romance began on a dating app, which pushed the 33-year-old American woman to travel to England to be with her 28-year-old British girlfriend. However, things didn’t go as smoothly as she expected, leading to drama and issues. In one of the episodes, Dempsey got spooked when Statler asked her to move in one week after meeting her in England.

While Statler did her best to woo Dempsey, her efforts fell apart almost instantly. Dempsey felt they were moving too fast and rejected moving in with Statler, claiming that she rushed into a relationship before that didn’t end well. Therefore, Dempsey doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. Dempsey suggested that Statler rent a home close to hers and should discuss moving in after they’ve been dating each other for six months.

Statler Doesn’t Want A Child

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Statler montage two dramatic expressions

Statler and Dempsey’s disagreement on having a baby also hints that they are continuing their relationship under the illusion that things will be better one day. Unfortunately, they purposely ignore the bigger issue, their incompatibility. Staying together won’t change their future goals. Statler has clarified that she doesn’t want a baby and isn’t looking to become a parent. However, Dempsey is still hopeful that her girlfriend will change her mind one day and accept the idea of having a baby. The British 90 Day Fiancé franchise star seems to be evading the truth, but it won’t fix her relationship.

Statler Is Clingy & Makes Dempsey Uncomfortable

Statler and Dempsey should have broken up by now due to their differences. However, the pair is still together and seek temporary comfort by continuing their relationship. A big reason why Statler and Dempsey are in a band-aid relationship is their varied emotional strengths. Statler is clingy and wants Dempsey to conform to her feelings. She believes that if she’s willing to take the relationship to the next level, Dempsey should do the same. In comparison, the new 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast member feels uncomfortable about moving too fast. She wants a stable relationship created around mutual trust, which only builds over time.

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Dempsey & Statler Have Opposite Personalities

Statler & Dempsey 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days montage both smilng

Statler and Dempsey are walking hand in hand without acknowledging their biggest issue. The new pair is simply incompatible and doesn’t have much in common. The two have opposite personalities that may never work out well. Statler is obsessed with intimacy, while Dempsey seems more mild about it. Unlike Statler, Dempsey is calm and loves her slow lifestyle. She seems more family-oriented and hopes for a partner who can build a home with her. Hopefully

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