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Ashley Martson Announces Engagement With New Fiance [Big Diamond]

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith’s relationship was a complicated one on 90 Day Fiance. While they did love eachother immensely, Jay’s cheating scandals created a whole lot of problems for them. Finally, they made the decision to part ways a few years ago, and things remained that way. They also stopped being in the public eye too much and gave us major updates about their lives.

Well, Ashley has shocked everyone. That’s because she revealed a major milestone in her life. She introduced her new beau to the world and also announced they would be getting married soon. The star also made sure to flaunt her engagement ring.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Happily Engaged! Meet Her New Beau

Ashley and Jay met at a wedding, and love blossomed. Soon, they were part of 90 Day Fiance Season 6. But their relationship didn’t turn out to be fruitful at all. Jay landed himself in trouble because of his cheating scandal. While Ashley tried to move past it, she couldn’t, and they finally divorced in 2021.

All the viewers wanted was for Ashley to do better and find herself someone who truly cherished her. Well, that’s exactly what she did. In a new Instagram post, she flaunted her big diamond ring while announcing her engagement. The star also uploaded pictures with her future husband. She didn’t tag him in the post, but she said his name was Joseph.

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Ashley didn’t reveal much but did say she took a vacation with Joseph in Jamaica. That’s where he popped the question. She didn’t have any idea about the surprise proposal. In fact, she was happy that they went on the trip as boyfriend and girlfriend and came back as each other’s fiances.

Many 90 Day Fiance fans took to the comments section to reveal how happy they were for her. They flooded her with congratulatory messages, sensing how happy she was after achieving this new milestone. They wished her the best.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Comes After TLC!

While viewers didn’t like Jay Smith, they did admire Ashley. Many of them had expressed how they would like to see her again on 90 Day Fiance. Now that her love life is blooming again, fans hope she will return to the franchise. But that doesn’t seem to be a possibility. That’s because the star took to her Instagram a few months ago to make a major announcement.

She called out TLC and the people who think “reality TV” is actually “reality.” Ashely wanted to tell everyone the truth behind it. This made fans feel that she wanted to reveal how much of her relationship on the show was real and how much was fabricated. She wanted her viewers to vote on whether she should start a series about exposing the franchise.

90 Day Fiance

Since then, Ashely has not posted to follow up on this announcement. In any case, viewers are happy she found someone new and has moved on in her life. Do you like Ashley? Are you happy about her engagement? Tell us in the comments.

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