90 Day Fiance

Shocked by Tim Malcolm’s dating history. But look back at the photo to see if there’s anything wrong

As Tim Malcolm makes a 90 Day Fiancé comeback with 90 Day: The Single Life, a look at his current and ex-girlfriends including Veronica and Linda.


  •  Tim Malcolm’s dating life has been complicated, with a love triangle involving his best friend and his Colombian ex-girlfriend.
  •  Tim and his ex-girlfriend Veronica were together for seven years before splitting, but they eventually became best friends.
  •  Tim has recently introduced his new girlfriend Linda, who is significantly younger than him, but there are signs of potential trouble in their relationship.

Tim had a bit of a love triangle situation going on in his storyline as his best friend Veronica Rodriguez was very much involved in his life. Tim had helped raise Veronica’s daughter Chloe since she was an infant, and Veronica worried that Tim would shrink his responsibilities to her and Chloe if he went to Colombia to be with Jeniffer. On the other hand, Jeniffer wasn’t too pleased with Veronica’s involvement. Moreover, Tim showed no intimacy towards Jeniffer. Jeniffer straight up asked Tim if he was even interested in women. This led to rumors about Tim being gay or transgender.

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Tim & Veronica Were Together For Seven Years

Tim and Veronica were together for seven years before their split four years before they starred in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days in 2019. As per Tim’s comment on a Reddit thread by Naz6700, they had a “great sex life for at least 5 of them.” Tim and Veronica fought over their cars, their house, and their furniture after their breakup in 2015. However, they got to a good place and Veronica soon became his best friend. Tim was 28 years old when he met the 23-year-old Veronica when she was going through a divorce from her first husband.

Veronica and her friends were at a bar when she told them that she was going to find the most attractive man there and kiss him. Tim was with a friend, he said, who looked like an Abercrombie & Fitch model. Tim thought something was wrong when Veronica walked up to him and started talking. Tim’s friend asked Veronica for her phone number, and she replied, “Only one of you was lucky enough to get my number tonight.” The lucky man turned out to be Tim, since Veronica had already put her number in his pocket. He called her the next day and, as they say, the rest was history.

Tim Malcolm Linda Ramirez Veronica Rodriguez In 90 Day Fiance 5

In March 2023, Tim introduced his new girlfriend Linda Ramirez to viewers during an episode of 90 Day Bares All. At just 23 years old, Linda was 17 years younger than Tim. Tim said he met Linda on an international dating site, which is where he had met Jeniffer. Linda was also Colombian, like Jeniffer. She was not bothered by the age gap because she thought Tim was hot and didn’t look like an “old man.” Tim liked how Linda was low maintenance compared to the women he had dated in his past. She was originally from Cali, Colombia but was already living in the U.S. about eight hours away from Tim.

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Tim Spotted Filming With Mystery Woman In Charlotte In May

 Tim Malcolm surrounded by electric sparks and smiling and Kirsten Schoemaker behind him with yellow filter

Linda was planning to move in with Tim when he showed her off to the world. He felt like she could have been his “soulmate.” However, Tim hinted at a split with Linda in early 2023 by removing his “In a Relationship with Linda Ramirez” update from Facebook while Linda shares a steamy video with a woman on her IG. Meanwhile, Tim was spotted filming with a new woman in Charlotte in May 2023. A Reddit user called Accomplished-End8603 shared photos of Tim with a mystery woman out on a date and comfortably chatting with drinks in their hands. Tim could have been filming for 90 Day: The Single Life.

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